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Find Your Way #Backtofun With Maje

Playing dress-up, exploring new and exciting places, singing your heart out – these are prime examples of life’s pleasures. They’re experiences that feed our souls, lift our spirits and make our imaginations run wild – and they serve as the inspiration for Parisian fashion brand Maje’s Fall Winter ’21 collection campaign, where excitement overcomes reason and the fun starts in the fitting room.

With three separate mini digital episodes, Maje’s campaign depicts a timeless season where you can’t tell if you’re in Paris, Shanghai, Los Angeles or Tokyo. The girls of Maje rediscover the pleasures of life with infectious joy as they #Play, #GetAway, and #Party.

The continuous campaign kicked off with The Fitting Room, the #Play element – and has since embarked on an Airplane to #GetAway. Soon, the final episode will showcase a #Party, where Maje girls are the stars of Karaoke. Set to the electrifying voice of Blondie, the campaign features the Maje girls moving freely and blissfully, expressing themselves with a newfound

energy. Together, each of the episodes create a “feel-good” movie montage celebrating life, movement and joy – all in the name of fashion, which tells a story all its own, carries the ability to transport us and enables us to dream.


Talented young photographer and videographer Valentin Herfray captures the free spirit of the campaign with his use of wide angles, which perfectly align with Maje’s vision and highlight the collection through various points of view. The surprising angles from which he captures the pieces speak to the creativity and excitement of the collection, which features a stunning array of dresses, blouses, handbags, outerwear, shoes and more – all representing different styles and personas.

Feeling inspired to Play, Get Away and Party? Shop Maje’s Fall Winter collection on the Lower Level.

For more information, call the store at 305-705-0193.

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