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Fall’s Winning Color is…

Post summer mint lights, the fall winter season (according to Penton) is brimming with few iterations on the color red…think deep Merlot and Biking Red, softer Cranberry, and ultra brights like Chili Pepper and Summer Fig. Here are 5 options for your upcoming season’s wardrobe with finds available at the best shopping center in Miami.


#1. Merlot

Hints of merlot at Louis Vuitton

Wine tones are perfect for the cooler season, as they add depth and richness to a look without clashing with the colder weather. For the fall/ winter 2019 color trends Merlot, a deep red with just a hint of brown, exudes timeless and always on point vibes.


#2. Biking Red

Biking red options at Carolina Herrera

This deep red-brown tone leans a touch towards cooler than Merlot, acting as a wonderful alternative to it that showed up on the New York runways, specifically. A trouser and jacket leather set at xxx was particularly fetching in this sophisticated combo.


#3. Cranberry

Liquid powder set liquid lip in shades of cranberry at Chanel Beauty

This soft pink-red is a lively, feminine tone that is imbued with both strength and subtleness. On its own it packs quite a punch, but next to some of the darker and brighter reds in the fall/ winter 2019 color trends it actually seems a little muted.


#4. Chili Pepper

Roger Vivier booties in pepper red available at Nordstrom

This bright, fiery red exploded on the New York runway, showing the wilder side of the winter 2020 color trends. On its own it is a timelessly striking color, perfect for an evening dress, while as an accent it paired well with the neutrals and warm tones also sashaying down the runway.


#5. Summer Fig

Lola bag in fig and orange available at Burberry

This bright and warm red tone is a perfect accent to all the yellows and earth tones that make up a large part of the fall 2019 fashion trends. There is a touch of exoticism to this color, though red but has a bit of an orange tinge that is unexpected in an autumn or winter color palette.

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