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Embracing the ‘90s in 2020

As the saying goes, “we want what we don’t have.” And what we want right now is a style from three decades ago! Iconic ‘90s fashion trends are making a comeback this year – this time, using new articles of clothing that create a current yet vintage look. Not sure where to start? You’re in luck! We’ve got the “4-1-1.” Our guide will help you turn your wardrobe and accessories into nostalgic masterpieces that anyone who lived through the ‘90s will approve of.


From colorful t-shirts to winged accessories, butterflies are coming out of their cocoons as a nod to the ‘90s – and in the words of Clueless’ Cher, we’re “totally buggin’!”

Cropped Denim

While denim transcends ever-changing fashion trends, the ‘90s cropped denim look, in particular, is the cool, summer-friendly way to add some edge to your wardrobe. Sort through some of our favorite modern cropped denim jackets to turn an everyday outfit into an effortless, throwback ensemble (bonus points for rips or slightly oversized fits!).

Hair Clips

In need of a popular ‘90s trend that can easily (and affordably) elevate any look? Two words: hair clips!

Nike Sneakers

Footwear trends come and go, but Nike Air Force 1 sneakers will never go out of style if we have anything to say about it! Air Forces are fun, light and fashionable – but the best ones are customizable. They also inspired the Air Jordan line that was created for the legend himself – Michael Jordan. Step up your shoe game by personalizing your look with these colorful and creative Nike sneakers.


Getting caught without a tie-dye piece in your closet this summer? “As if!” Whether handmade or store bought, this trend can be spotted almost anywhere. And the best part: it works for pretty much everything – bucket hats, leggings, hoodies, you name it. If you’re not ready to rummage through your craft drawer in search of rubber bands and dye, take your pick from the cutest tie-dye trends of 2020.

Floral Skirts

A timely comeback that was made for summer! Floral skirts create an effortlessly elegant yet simple look for any time of the day. Whether you opt for a casual or fancier floral fit, these picks are perfect.

Rolled Mom Denim Shorts

Denim shorts may always be in style, but these vintage mom pairs will transport you back in time. High-waisted and rolled, this denim trend can easily transform any look into a ‘90s classic.

Matching Sets – Loungewear

Current loungewear sets combine two decades of style: ‘90’s matching and 2020 “stay at home” comfort. These dynamic duos ensure you’re go-to cozy outfit looks put together and stylish.

For more ‘90s statement pieces, check out our list of available retailers that are now open and ready to help you shop these trends.


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