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Emack & Bolio’s brings ice cream “cool” to Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall is getting a cool new spot just in time for summer! Emack & Bolio’s, the Boston-based ice cream company with a rich, feel-good, rock ‘n roll history has opened on the first level near Zara.

Visitors can enjoy premium and vegan ice cream, as well as live cultured yogurt, with ’70s-inspired flavors like Trippin on Espresso, Space Cake, “Deep Purple” Chip and more.

The brand’s inspiring story goes back to 1975, when music lawyer Bob Rook opened it as a place where musicians could stop after their gigs to chill out (see what we did there?) and satisfy their late-night cravings. And by musicians, we mean Aerosmith, Boston, U2, James Brown, Al Green, and The Cars. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of them.

Live rock ‘n roll music was being played at clubs throughout the city, stirring up interest from rock ‘n rollers all over the U.S. The only problem was the Boston Blue Laws, which enforced midnight closures for all clubs. And as we South Floridians know, at midnight, the fun has only just begun.

Suddenly, when everything paused, these hippie lawyers – working pro bono for the homeless, gay civil rights, anti-war demonstrators and famous rock ‘n rollers who were being signed by major record labels – came up with a solution: they rented a basement in the Coolidge Corner section of Brookline, Massachusetts, purchased a commercial ice cream machine, and invited their rock star friends to hang out after their gigs so they could enjoy homemade ice cream – with outrageous flavors inspired by the bands – and play acoustic music until the sun came up.

And what makes this story even sweeter? Per request, the ice cream shop was named after two of the homeless gentlemen the lawyers represented: Emack & Bolio. Today, the chain serves up crazy-cool cones at numerous locations throughout the United States and Asia, including its first South Florida shop here at the best mall in Miami.

To learn more, call Aventura Mall at 305-935-1110.


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