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Byredo is a European luxury brand founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham, with an ambition to translate memories and emotions into products and experiences. Byredo creates and develops a range of products such as fragrance, home, leather goods and accessories using the highest quality materials available, and high-end design details to fuel a … Continued


Calzedonia provides women with seasonal essentials to express their unique style all year round. Whatever the weather, Calzedonia offers an array of fashion-forward products including leg wear, hosiery, socks and swimwear to keep you on trend. Offering high quality craftsmanship and fabrics, the Italian brand takes inspiration from the latest trends to provide an attainable … Continued


The Nespresso story began over 30 years ago with a simple but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee just like skilled baristas. The Nespresso concept has redefined and revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy their espresso coffee today. It has shaped the global coffee culture. Thanks to continuous innovations and … Continued


Bagghy Miami LLC is the company that creates and supervises the creation and marketing of the Italian brand Bagghy , drawn and designed by the designer entrepreneur Nicola Mattiazzo, son of Art, who after years of experience in the family (Grazia Bijoux Pelletteria) decided to show up in the market with their own collection. Bagghy … Continued

Peppermint Park

Candy and toy emporium. Peppermint Park transports the young and old to a simpler time, when sweets were crafted simply and toys sparked the imagination. Crafted to look and feel like an indoor park our merchandise is displayed throughout our very own playground and our confectionery creations are served from a vintage concession stand. Customers … Continued

Lovepop, Inc.

A Lovepop is more than a card. The intricate 3D paper sculptures are designed by naval engineers on cutting-edge software and then handcrafted in the Asian art form of sliceform kirigami. Whether it’s a wedding or birthday, if you’re saying thanks (for not mentioning that thing that happened in Vegas) or celebrating (a co-worker’s compulsive … Continued


allCanes is your #1 Canes Shop for selection, price, value, service and the most original designs since 1959. For more information click here.


With over 100 locations nationwide, IT’SUGAR is the largest specialty candy retailer in the world. We are known for our huge selection of over-the-top sweets, giant candy, and absurdly wonderful sugar innovations. At IT’SUGAR, we aspire to a future with fewer rules and more sugar. For more information click here.

Memory Block

Memory Block gives you the opportunity to create art inspired by your moments, we use our special technology to put any photo on designed blocks.  Located on Lower Level by IT’Sugar. For more information click here.


Lower Level in front of Apple. For more information click here.