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Farm Rio Debuts at Aventura Mall

December 13, 2019

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Featuring natural, rustic textures, light-colored bases and curated furnishings by artisans, Farm Rio’s new boutique at Aventura Mall brings to life a breezy, outdoorsy experience representative of the brand’s Brazilian roots.

A combination of ancestral knowledge and skilled handcraftsmanship are integrated into Farm Rio’s décor, products and accessories to create an atmosphere that blends environment, people and design. A Brazilian cobogós wall – a perforated element used to increase ventilation and light – will debut at the new store, defining its layout and overall aesthetic while emulating the cozy feel of a Brazilian home. Linen curtains in each of the six fitting rooms evoke an airy, natural feeling.

The 1,400 square-foot store is filled with objects that represent the creative spirit of Brazil’s people. Raw materials including wood, cotton, straw and pottery form pieces that tell stories of everyone from the county’s indigenous people to its urban artists. The boutique also features a lounge area, creating a space for guests to relax, mingle and share their favorite looks.

Shoppers will enjoy browsing Farm Rio’s bright dresses; sequined, flowy skirts; bold jumpsuits and blouses, and more pieces in a variety of styles, colors and signature, nature-infused prints. The brand also offers jewelry, shoes, denim, swimwear, outerwear and home merchandise.

Additionally, Aventura Mall’s Farm Rio store has been adapted to offer a tropical feel that depicts our sunny metropolis. Consider it a piece of Brazilian paradise here in our Magic City.

Farm Rio opens Saturday, December 14th. Located on the lower level, near Concierge.

For more information, call 305-935-1110.

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