Aventura Mall Presents: iAM A Style Maker with Kimmie Sussman

Kimmie Sussman

The iAM Series is a captivating campaign from Aventura Mall that shares the compelling stories of individuals whose lives are intricately intertwined with Aventura Mall and South Florida. The stories that shape us.
From an impassioned artist to a graceful dancer and an inspired chef, these individuals’ diverse stories reflect the vibrant spirit that defines Aventura Mall and are integral threads in the fabric of the community. Through intimate portraiture and vibrant South Florida backdrops, the Aventura Mall Presents iAM Series invites the community to embrace new possibilities and foster a sense of belonging, weaving these exceptional talents into the very heart of the vibrant tapestry defined as Aventura Mall.
Continuing the series is Kimmie Sussman, head stylist at Aventura Mall. A fashion industry insider and a fashion influencer, she shares her journey from New York to styling bold-named celebrities and leading The Stylist at Aventura Mall program.

Kimmie Sussman

Where did you grow up? Why were you attracted to fashion?

My parents owned a fashion boutique in New York, where I essentially grew up! Being surrounded by all things style developed my keen affinity for it. I fell in love with the creativity, the self-expression, the feel of fabrics, the richness of color and the world of shape.

I discovered that something as seemingly simple as the way you’re dressed can change your whole day. Fashion affords you the confidence to conquer, to be unapologetically you in all of life’s circumstances. It is transformative and empowering. The privilege of giving that gift is why I’m passionate about what I do.

How did your career unfold? Would you share some notable highlights?

I was always somehow involved in fashion, even as I detoured into the wellness industry. In high school and college, my friends would raid my closet and ask me for help pulling together outfits! As a young adult I moved to Los Angeles, taking a break from the wellness industry to work at one of the city’s hottest retail stores.

One day, a renowned stylist walked in. She asked if I could do a styling job, I said yes and embraced the opportunity. Eighteen years later, I’ve helped such clients as Serena Williams, A Rod, Kristen Chenoweth and more. My work has been featured on international campaigns, music videos, red carpets and runways. It’s been a thrilling ride!

Why do you love being a stylist?

There’s no doubt that being a stylist is hard work – it’s physically and emotionally demanding with the added stress of tight deadlines. But I’m very drawn to people and love to make them feel good in their skin. In my line of work, I’m able to express my creativity while also enjoying the human connection. To top it all off, there’s the immense personal satisfaction of seeing someone step into their best self. For me, that’s the biggest reward.

Kimmie Sussman

Why did you choose to be a stylist at Aventura Mall?

As far as I’m concerned, Aventura Mall is one of the foremost shopping destinations in the United States, if not the world. Here, I can peruse iconic luxury brands, such as Burberry, Gucci, Givenchy, Yves St. Laurent and much more, searching for a client’s perfect look. Every shop is different and uniquely compelling, an experience unto itself.

With its eclectic fusion of international influences and global culture, Aventura Mall captures the essence of vibrant South Florida. The fantastic mix of community, experiences, shops and art, keeps my creativity flowing. Browsing the vast array of world-renowned brands and those full of local flair, I find inspiration at every turn.

What exactly is the Stylist Service? How does it benefit clients?

Providing a private and elevated space in Aventura Mall, The Stylist at Aventura Mall helps clients perfect or discover the style that most complements them. Whether they need the right accessories, a complete wardrobe do-over, or something else, I’m there to ensure they look and feel their best. With my eighteen years of experience in fashion, I take the stress out of shopping, connecting with clients, discovering their needs, bringing them the world of fashion and helping them step into their fabulous self.