3 Favorite Moments from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week came and went in a flurry of extravagant shows, cultured couture, and royal inspiration. From posh to punk, England’s exhibiting designers pulled out all of the stops to create extraordinary runway experiences like no other. In case you missed it, these are the three most notable moments from the London Fashion Week runways:

Erdem’s Ode to the Queen

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If Queen Elizabeth’s tailored suits and Billie Holiday’s glittering gowns attire crossed paths, they would meet on the Erdem runway. Erdem won the crown of class at London Fashion Week with a soulful and sophisticated Spring/Summer collection dreamed up by Erdem Moralioglu. Inspired by a meeting between the Queen and Duke Ellington, which took place in 1958, Erdem leapt into history and gave his often structured and formal pieces an entrancing edge. The runway felt like a 1950s jazz club filled with British royalty, with brocade frocks and shimmering gowns. We’re can totally get down to this new royal rhythm.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Rock Circus

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Come one, come all to the Tommy Hilfiger rock circus! Known for elaborate runways and visual statements, Hilfiger’s fashion shows are always one of the hottest tickets in town. Supermodel and ring leader, Gigi Hadid, led a catwalk filled with fashionable faces and family. For the first time, she was joined by her sister Bella and little brother Anwar, for the show of a lifetime. To drive the rock vibe home, Georgia May and Lizzie, Mick Jagger’s two daughters, also strutted their stuff on the runway.

Held at a famed rock hall venue, the “Tommy Now” show incorporated grunge accents in its Spring/Summer collection that deviated from the brand’s preppy past. Will Hadid continue to be Hilfiger’s muse? We sure hope so.

Burberry’s Take on Britain’s Identity Crisis

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It’s nearly impossible to stay out of politics these days – even in fashion. As contrasting ideologies grasp for control across the world, England is on the verge of Brexit and national identity is a hot-button topic amongst Brits. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s chief creative officer and president, didn’t shy away from the cultural conflict with his Spring/Summer collection. New Britain met old in a runway display of iconic argyle mixed with utilitarian textiles. While the collection paid homage to monarchs, Burberry’s signature plaid was juxtaposed next to informal baseball caps and relaxed jackets. Burberry captured a sartorial depiction of the socio-economic quagmires of Brexit. If politics aren’t your cup of English tea, believe us when we say the collection was as stylish as it was smart.

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