Manicures on the Map

The Destination:
Jaipur, India
The Color: Le Vernis 568 Tulle Nail Polish at Chanel, $28
Manicures 001
Photo via CN Traveler

A close match to Jaipur’s precious pigment, Chanel’s Le Vernis nail polish in ‘tulle’ is exceptional. The lacquer features bioceramics and ceramides to improve your nail quality. It’s the perfect polish to take on your next “Eat, Pray, Love” adventure.

Why We Love It: Across the globe from Miami sits one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Deep in the heart of North Queensland, Australia, a tropical oasis has lived on for more than 110 million years. In our book, the Daintree National Park is an unspoken wonder of the world.

The Destination: Daintree National Park, North Queensland, Australia
The Color: O2M Breathable Nail Enamel in 644 at Inglot; $16
Manicures 002

Before getting your mates together for a kangaroo spotting in Australia’s jungle, get in the mood for adventure with Inglot’s forest green O2M nail enamel. It’s lush hue and shimmer will have you embracing your wild side in no time.

Why We Love It: Burberry’s ‘Imperial Blue’ nail polish looks as if Chefchaouen, Morocco, was swiftly captured in a bottle before the city’s paint could dry. If you venture into Morocco’s Rif Mountains, you’ll discover a calming town painted entirely in a tranquil blue hue. Chefchaouen’s ancient medina is just as rich in photo spots as it is in history. Feel relaxed, inspired and ready to capture beautiful sites. Paint the town—we mean your nails—blue with Burberry’s matching tone before catching a bus to the bustle of Marrakech.

The Destination: Chefchaouen, Morocco
The Color: Imperial Blue No. 429 Nail Polish at Burberry, $23 
Manicures 003
Photo by Lucy Laucht via CN Traveler

Why We Love It:
We know there’s nothing more fulfilling than getting a stamp in your passport, but some of the world’s most beautiful sights are in the United States. The astonishing palette of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon is an awe-inspiring combination of warm orange, reds and pinks. One walk through Arizona’s treasure is a vibrant stroll through a geological dream land, complemented by rainbow of vivid sandstone. The uncanny vibrancy of Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Vandal Orange’ nail polish has us inspired to pack our hiking gear and head Southwest.

The Destination: Antelope Canyon, Arizona, U.S.A
The Color: Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Nail Polish in Vandal Orange at Bloomingdale’s, $28 
Manicures 004
Photo by Dmitry Fisenko

Why We Love It: Carry a little piece of Iceland’s remarkable Northern Lights in a bottle. Deborah Lippman’s ‘Mermaid’s Dream’ nail polish embodies the vivid greens and elusive aurora that draws travels from around the world to Iceland. The sparkles of glitter emulate a star-encrusted night sky, encapsulated by swirls of neon.

The Destination: Northern Lights, Iceland
The Color: Deborah Lippman ‘Mermaid’s Dream’ Nail Polish at Sephora, $20
Manicures 005
Photo by Paul Itkin

Why We Love It: Smith & Cult’s ‘Exit the Void’ Nail Lacquer is a love letter to Southeast, France. The magical region of Provence is coated in red-tiled roofs, sun-ripened vineyards, and fields upon fields of lavender. While lovely lilac has been a nail trend of the season, a manicure is your first step in embracing your inner Francophile.

The Destination: Provence, France
The Color: Smith & Cult ‘Exit the Void’ Nail Lacquer at Nordstrom, $18
Manicures 006
Why We Love It: It’s easy to associate Japan with unconventionally bold Tokyo fashion and adorable cat cafes, but Japan’s metropolitan cities take up just a portion of its sweeping territory. Essie’s ‘Flashed’ nail color is bold enough for summer with a personality big enough to match Japan’s Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki. The park’s Bassia scoparia plants turn a fiery red in August—a perfect match for Essie’s shade of the summer. If you visit in early April, be surprised with fields of tulips and baby blue flowers.

The Destination: Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan
The Color: Essie Gel Couture ‘Flashed’ Nail Polish at Macy’s, $11.50
Manicures 007
Photo via

Why We Love It: Dare to go bare? Nude nails are an eternal beauty staple. Context’s ‘Take It Off’ shade is a chic beige that blends into the desert setting of Giza, Egypt. History buffs and jet setters will love Egypt’s scenic views. Just like the Great Pyramid, this nail color will stand the test of time.

The Destination: Giza, Egypt
The Color: ‘Take It Off’ Context Nail Polish at Anthropologie, $15
Manicures 008
Photo by Roxanne Desgagnés

Why We Love It: South Africa’s stunning port city, Cape Town, is a must-visit destination for culture as bright as the colors. The brightly painted houses and exotic beaches call for a bright and bold celebration. Illuminate a hum drum polishes with Christian Louboutin’s electric ‘Mula Lisa’ polish. From beach houses on the shore to the neon streets of Bo-Kaap, you’ll have the spirit of South Africa at your fingertips.

The Destination: Cape Town, South Africa
The Color: ‘Mula Lisa’ at Christian Louboutin, $50
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Photo by Arno Smit

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