8 Miami Fitness Trends to Try

Camp ȂME

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Turnberry Isle’s newly-renovated ȂME Spa and Wellness Center blends toning and tranquility. The cutting-edge center is just as productive as it is relaxing. A membership will include access to over 75 popular classes, including H.I.I.T., Tabata, Zumba and TRX. On your rest day, opt for a little body therapy to cure those aches and dissolve stress. Select an Ayurveda treatment to promote health and harmony in your body. This ancient practice has been noted as an aid to rejuvenate cells, improve circulation, release energy blockages and eliminate stress.

For the fit souls looking for a staycation, meet Camp ȂME. The lush three-day retreat includes an irresistible itinerary of nutritional education, group fitness, spa services, and social gatherings. Grab your gals, bring your best yoga pants, and celebrate your health in a luxurious resort that will put those summer sleepaway camp cabins to shame.

Where to try it: ȂME Wellness


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Yogis in Miami are joining the centered circus and elevating their routines to higher ground. AcroYoga is what you’d guess, the physical practice of combining acrobatics and yoga. Just like the tango, the mindful acrobatics act takes two and requires you to balance on a partner in various positions. Getting up close and personal with another yogi is all part of the process. Whether trust building in your relationship or interested in teaming up with a complete stranger, the balancing act provides a sense of community, understanding, and gratitude (for not falling, plus many deeper things). In AcroYoga, you work together or fall apart—a guide that can be applied to life.

Where to try it: Inhale Miami


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Would you volunteer as tribute to go into a tiny room that is -166ºF? Cryotherapy, a favorite among fitness fiends with luxurious taste, might sound like a task in the Hunger Games when first described. Rest days are no longer for hitting the snooze button, as many exercise advocates divulge in freezing temperatures with hopes of reaping the health benefits. Three minutes in the cryotherapy chamber’s Arctic temperatures are suggested to help reduce stress, aid weight loss, prevent muscle recovery, and support anti-aging and collagen production. We’ll admit that being stripped down to mittens in an icy chamber that looks like a contraption from the lair of Mr. Freeze in Batman sounds bizarre, but the rave reviews from fans indicate cryotherapy’s feel-good effect. Sign us up to chill!

Where to try it: Cryo Miami

Online Fitness Challenges

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Can’t crunch in a trip to the gym during your busy week? Sometimes a hashtag, a laptop and an ounce of dedication are all you need to get fit. Online programs, like Tone It Up, infiltrate social media with #TIUteam style. Working out is a group effort with the simple use of social media. Tone It Up has provided an online community with daily recipes, workouts, and a network of support for women seeking better health. Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, two best friends who started the company with a camcorder and a YouTube account, play the role of personal trainer to hundreds of thousands of women across the globe. Their fitness style is flawless, so prepare to get ootd inspiration from your yoga mat.

Where to try it:

Wellness Retreats

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Wanderlust Festivals are massive celebrations of mindful living. Some of the best yoga and meditation instructors from around the country join speakers, musicians, and chefs to create a holistic and transformative experience. Did we mention that Wanderlust takes place at some of the most scenic mountain resorts across the globe? Flow and disconnect from everything with DJ-powered beats to soft acoustic melodies on a mountain top, hike your heart out and nourish the soul with farm-to-table fixations. From California’s Squaw Valley to New Zealand’s Great Lake Taupo, there is no adventure too great.

Where to book it:

Barre Class

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When looking at data from its members, ClassPass was quick to realize that barre classes are keeping South Florida busy. Aside from finding that 57 percent of Miamians are spontaneous gym seekers, booking their classes on the same day, the 305 also loves ballet-inspired sweat sessions. Barre classes brilliantly mix ballerina balance with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. If you were reluctant to retire your childhood tutu for adulthood, you’d love the toning triumphs of barre.

Where to try it: Barre Code


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People travel to Miami to experience our beautiful beaches, so we can’t be surprised that South Florida residents are reaping the benefits of living in paradise, too. Stand-up paddleboard lessons offer an incredible, targeted workout to strengthen your core and arms. Be surrounded by our city’s sparkling oceans and monumental views as your row your muscles to rock solid.

Where to try it: TKS Miami

Just Dance

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Photo via Vixen Workout

What if stepping into a fitness studio felt like being in Beyonce’s next music video? The Vixen Workout has made headlines in The New York Times, Vogue, Refinery29, Racked, USA Today, and Glamour, while boosting of a 400-600 calorie burn per class for beginners and a 1,000 calorie burn once you’ve got the moves. The high-intensity hip-hop cardio class fiercely introduces your favorite artists into energetic dance moves currently reserved for your bedroom mirror (hairbrush microphone in hand). Skip the bottle service at the nightclub and slay at a dance session with the Vixen Army.

Where to try it: Visit for details on the Wynwood and Pembroke Pines studios

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