Pomellato’s Precious Portrait

The design revolves around a fun and smooth twist as the center stone purposely sits slightly askew on the finger providing a spontaneous flow.
Pomellatos Precious Portrait 001
RITRATTO amethyst and London blue topaz rings

RITRATTO, which means portrait in Italian, is an homage to the portrait cut - an antique Indian cut characterized by stones of large dimension shaped with step-cuts. These stones were used to cover miniature paintings, giving the inspiration for the name. As a literal portrait, RITRATTO is about the subject, not the object.
 Pomellatos Precious Portrait 002
RITRATTO London blue topaz ring

Taking inspiration from the opulence of Indian jewelry, RITRATTO pushes forward the concept of unconventional, hard-to-find stones that gain life through a painstaking artisanal process. RITRATTO’s stone cuts have 101 facets, of which 33 compose the crown and 68 the pavilion.
Pomellatos Precious Portrait 003
RITRATTO amethyst earrings

RITRATTO is currently available at Pomellato’s Aventura Mall boutique. The collection includes a series of rings available in three sizes, as well as earrings and pendants with a rose gold griffle adorned in brown, white or icy diamond pave to enhance the torsion of the design. The stones featured include smoky, rose and milky quartz, London blue topaz and amethyst.
Pomellatos Precious Portrait 004
RITRATTO rose quartz earrings

To learn more, visit the Pomellato boutique located on Aventura Mall’s Upper Level near Center Court. Call 305-690-7726 to learn more.

19501 Biscayne Boulevard Aventura, Fl 33180 | 305-935-1110