Tiffany & Co. 2017 Blue Book Collection The Art of the Wild

Celebrating craftsmanship and artistry, it challenges the imagination by pushing the limits of creativity. The brand’s newest collection is titled, “The Art of the Wild,” focusing on the unbridled beauty of nature and all its fantastical elements. It is composed of six themes – Whispers of the Rain Forest, Miracle Berry, The Falls, Leaves of the Sun, Featured Cloak, and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

“Whispers of the Rain Forest” channels the powerful capabilities of nature, by featuring gemstone-covered pieces stitched together with intricate details. Translating nature into something wearable, Jessica Biel and Emma Stone completed their recent red-carpet looks with pieces from this collection. “The Miracle Berry” features innovative designs in color and form, transforming anything sour into sweet by capturing the eye with a vivid red color.
2017 Blue Book Collection 001
Whispers of the Rainforest Necklace in 18K yellow gold with tourmalines and white diamonds (left)
Whispers of the Rainforest Brooch in 18K yellow gold with colored gemstones, yellow and white diamonds (right)
2017 Blue Book Collection 002
Whispers of the Rainforest Bracelet
2017 Blue Book Collection 003
Miracle Berry Necklace

Tiffany & Co. highlights the power of nature in “The Falls” by mirroring waterfalls using diamonds that appear to be coming from within and pouring down. Focusing on the sense of openness through rebirth and energy, “Leaves of the Sun,” was created with a highly conceptualized lightness in the metal.
2017 Blue Book Collection 004
The Falls Necklace in platinum with diamonds (left)
Leaves of the Sun Ring in 18K yellow gold with a green tourmaline, diamonds and tsavorites (right)

Channeling the sky and striking colors of exotic birds, Tiffany & Co. created the “Feathered Cloak” line, bringing to life the movement of these creatures. Tying back to Tiffany’s history of creating beautiful flowers, the “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” flower shifts color over three days. The brand executes this by embellishing their pieces with ombré gemstones in its “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” range.

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