Coffee Table Couture

A person’s choice of coffee table books gives their guests a peek into their deepest dreams and passion points. We’ll go even go as far as saying a coffee table book speaks a thousand words. Whether a world traveler or a sartorial historian, there’s a living library of books waiting to bedeck your living room.

With so many to choose from, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite coffee table books to strike your fancy.
Coffee Table Couture 001
City Guide Blue Box at Louis Vuitton, $735

Whether you have a filled passport or simply transcend to far off destinations from the couch, Louis Vuitton’s city guide box set is a literary playground for imaginative nomads. Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Prague, and even Miami—the world is your uncharted oyster. The limited edition anthology of 15 featured city guides is available in a beautiful lacquered wooden box to impress your most discerning guests.
Coffee Table Couture 002
Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi, $145

Long live King Karl Lagerfeld. Fendi’s created an incredible peek into the mind of fashion’s greatest iconoclast. Fendi’s box set pays homage to Lagerfeld and the longest running relationship between a design and fashion Maison in history. The set includes alluring books that tell the story of heritage and unapologetic uniqueness. Consider the wooden box a treasure trove featuring more than 200 fashion sketches, a portfolio, insider views, a poster and DVD.
Coffee Table Couture 003
Vogue Coloring Book by Iain R. Webb at Urban Outfitters, $12.99

We know coloring books are typically not a coffee table staple, but it’s hard to not fall in love with the adult coloring craze. Iain R. Webb’s glamorous depiction of famous vogue images includes dreamy ball gowns, soigné cocktail dresses, smart suits and dramatic accessories by key designers like Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Chanel. Let your guests channel their creativity and leave a box of colored pencils along side this fun activity book. To make things even more personal, ask guests to sign their name once they complete a page.
Coffee Table Couture 004
Beaches by Gray Maylin at Anthropologie, $40

Living in Miami, we can assume you’ve seen your fair share of beaches. Change your perspective and become enamored with aerial photographer Gray Maylin’s fresh perspective. Malin is known for his birds’ eye view photos taken from doorless helicopters. While he’s shot just about every landscape, the unconventional viewpoints and vibrant colors of the world’s beaches have become a staple in his craft. In this exploration of sensational shorelines, Malin points his lens at coastlines from Chicago to Cape Town. This book is ideal for Miamians, travelers and resident mermaids alike.
Coffee Table Couture 005
For the Love of Shoes by Patrice Farameh at Bloomingdale’s, $95

Shoes don’t just belong in your closet. A unifier among the fashionistas, shoes are the universal way to a woman’s heart. Celebrate lavish, avant-garde styles with Patrice Farameh’s must-have book. Bejeweled, feathered and metallic showstoppers make this hardcover a true page-turner.
Coffee Table Couture 006
Decades: ‘A Century of Fashion’ Book by Cameron Silver at Nordstrom, $32.49

Coined by many as the king of vintage, Cameron Silver has created a decade-by-decade guide to the most coveted and influential looks of the last century. Silver’s vast array of knowledge colorfully leaps from each page in the stunning coffee table book. Expect to see icons like Josephine Baker, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Jackie O. embodying the feminine fashions of their era.
Coffee Table Couture 007
Journey of a Dress Coffee Table Book by Diane von Furstenberg at DVF, $75

From front to back, Diane von Furstenberg’s essence is elegantly captured within the pages of Journey of a Dress. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of von Furstenberg’s wrap dress, an exhibit at Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art came to life in Aventura Mall’s pop-up DVF store just two years ago. Since that time, the spirit of the wrap dress has been immortalized in DVF’s gorgeous hard cover coffee table book. The vitality of the movement continues to embolden women with the idea that everyone is entitled to be “the woman they want to be.” Expect to marvel at the history of the one little dress that started it all.

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