Don’t Let Your Fall Color Palette Fall Flat!

It incorporates the input of 21 of the industry’s leading designers, and gives fashion lovers everywhere valuable insight into what they can expect from their favorite designers in the season to come. The Fall 2016 report is especially exciting because it features six brand new Pantone colors, and, like the Spring 2016 report, it’s gender neutral — representative of the growing popularity of unisex fashion. Get a jump start on this fall’s hottest trends by looking out for these color families.

Dont Let Your Fall Color 001


The top two spots on the list were awarded to two brand new shades of blue. Pantone Color Institute’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, sees this occurrence as no coincidence, but rather as an indication of people’s desire for reassurance and consistency in a world ridden with chaos and insecurity. Riverside, the top color this fall, is a deep, grayish blue. It’s all about balance: soothing yet strong, spirited yet sophisticated, and a true staple in any versatile wardrobe. The runner-up, Airy Blue, is lighter and softer than its counterpart. It represents weightlessness and serenity, and is undeniably calming.

Dont Let Your Fall Color 002


Warm tones will be making a strong presence in this fall’s fashion scene with three colors from the red family making the list. Aurora Red, taking the #4 spot, is a warm and dynamic display of confidence. Dusty Cedar, the #6 color, is a warm and dusty adaptation of the brighter pink shades we love in the spring. Orange, perhaps the most quintessential fall color, makes a strong appearance in color #9, Potter’s Clay. It’s neutral and earthy, providing a solid foundation.

Dont Let Your Fall Color 003


Neutral palettes are a fall classic, so it comes as no surprise that two neutral shades take the third and fifth spots on the 2016 list. Sharkskin Gray, occupying the #3 spot, is a new Pantone color. Its sophistication and edginess bring out its modernity, while its neutrality makes it a dependable partner to nearly any other color. The #5 shade,Warm Taupe, is timeless and organic, making it a great foundation to build your fall wardrobe around. Like the blue shades, Warm Taupe also evokes feelings of reassurance and stability.

Dont Let Your Fall Color 004


These fun, eclectic, brand new misfits round out the fall palette, occupying spaces 7, 8 and 10. A rich, emerald green, #7 Lush Meadow displays the utmost sophistication. Its vibrant elegance makes it a must this season. Spicy Mustard, #8, is perhaps the zestiest, liveliest color on the list. Debuting this season, its energy, boldness make it a true element of surprise. Lastly, the #10 color, Bodacious, is unexpected but fabulous. This purple-pink amalgam pairs well with both reds and pinks, and is perfect for turning accents into statements.

Dont Let Your Fall Color 005

A Color for Everyone

This fall’s palette seamlessly blends familiar comfort with daring risk-taking. The blues, grays, and earthy neutrals represent stability and consistency, while the red shades provide a necessary touch of confidence, and the bright shades add an ounce of youthful vitality. Whether you prefer to stick with what you know, or branch out and try something totally new, there are a lot of ways to fall in love with your fall wardrobe.

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