Sought-After Sunglasses

Rather than offer mere protection from the sun or dress-up your best poker face, it’s a known fact that sunglasses are the staple to a fashionable look. From the catwalk to the boardwalk, sunglasses have the power to elevate any outfit with unapologetic edge and charm.
This season, we’re smitten with five irresistible sunglass trends that deserve a standing ovation.

Mirrored Lenses

It’s hard for us to find a vice in our beloved frames, but we can’t deny that certain shades can create an uninviting boundary. Gone are the days of dark lenses that cast borders between the wearer and the rest of the world. Mirrored lenses have taken the spotlight from dimmer sunnies and we’re not complaining. Reflective lenses brighten your outfit, illuminate your face and cast a telling reflection of the way you see the world. (Chances are the person you’re speaking to won’t hate having a mirror to look into either!)
Sought After Sunglasses 001
Dior Mirrored Lenses at Bloomingdale’s, $555
Sought After Sunglasses 002
Panthère de Cartier Sunglasses Gold Mirror Sunglasses at Cartier, $1,010
Sought After Sunglasses 003
Dolce and Gabbana Rose Gold & Grey Mirror Sunglasses at Sunglass Hut, $240

Round Frames

Round sunglasses, a grandeur pillar of the ’60s and ’70s, are bedecking the streets of 2016. What emerged as a festival season fad has quickly matured into a long-standing style staple for admirers of retro glamour. Round frames may be a throwback, but they certainly aren’t antiquated. The styles adorn the designer collections of Tory Burch, X and X. The frames, also known as “teashades,” are unisex and ideal for the angular, square face shapes.
Sought After Sunglasses 004
Peggy Glasses at Tory Burch, $195
Sought After Sunglasses 005
Round Multi-Color Glasses at Emilio Pucci, $290
Sought After Sunglasses 006
Circular Sunglasses at Bally, $225

Clear Frames

Perhaps the most versatile pair of sunglasses in our trendy menagerie, clear framed sunglasses will complement any outfit you fancy. The lucid lenses possess an amalgamation of simple elegant and fierce flair.
Sought After Sunglasses 007
Kate Spade New York Andrina Rectangular Cat Eye Sunglasses at Bloomingdale’s, $175
Sought After Sunglasses 008
Brielle Translucent Sunglasses at Diane von Furstenberg, $166
Sought After Sunglasses 009
Adrianna Sunglasses at Michael Kors, $139

The Modern Aviator

Made for the stage, the aviator 2.0 is packed with dramatic curves and an exaggerated silhouette. This season, designers have modified the classic and structured aviator style with playful panache. While the updated aviator’s cool factor is akin to the classic version, the curvature and emphasized bridge will draw more attention to your face. We think you deserve the double takes, don’t you?
Sought After Sunglasses 010
Olivia Palermo x Westward Leaning ‘Flower’ Mirrored Sunglasses at Nordstrom, $275
Sought After Sunglasses 011
50mm Round Glasses at Givenchy, $395
Sought After Sunglasses 012 B
Jimmy Choo ‘Vivy’ Sunglasses at Nordstrom, $595

The Embellished Cat Eye

Dipping into the 1950s, cat-eye lenses are a stylish paragon of the past. We know cat-eye frames aren’t a revolutionary notion, but they still deserve a coveted spot in your closet. Cat-eyes aren’t making a comeback; they’re inciting a spirited movement. The silhouettes have become more of a statement maker than any other frame, emboldened with vintage grace and modern audacity. Cat-eyes have been revitalized with bright colors, studs, and sparkle—the whole nine yards.
Sought After Sunglasses 013
Floating Cat Eye at Fendi, $465
Sought After Sunglasses 014
Cat-Eye Sunglasses in Nude at Burberry, $265
Sought After Sunglasses 015
Moschino Studded Cat-Eye at Bloomingdale’s, $295

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