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You See Diamonds, But David Yurman Sees Fireworks

It’s David Yurman’s name on every piece, but the influence of his wife, Sybil, on this hugely popular jewelry brand should never be underestimated. Married since 1979, the couple personifies a terrific yin and yang of design and commerce, with David handling the house’s artistic duties since they founded the label in 1980, while Sybil has always been quick with great business ideas for the past four decades.

Indeed, that was true of the first piece David ever sold, a sculptural necklace his wife was wearing when it was admired by a gallery owner; Sybil offered to remove it from her own neck when she realized they could make a sale. That’s not to say she prioritized commerce over her husband’s talent — quite the contrary, in fact, Sybil Yurman deeply believed in her husband’s potential and wanted it to become more widely known.

Today, of course, David Yurman is a global name with a passionate fan base, always eager for the debut of new pieces. And Sybil continues to inspire: Starburst, among the label’s most popular current collections, was born out of her mention to David that he should design a grouping that felt like fireworks interpreted in gold and diamonds. The enthusiasm among clients for Starburst has put that collection on equal footing with several of Yurman’s most iconic designs, from his signature cable bracelets — also reinterpreted recently in easy-to-wear Stax pieces — to the exceptional settings he creates for glistening gemstones in his sought-after Albion and Chatelaine collections.

More recently, David and Sybil Yurmans’ son, Evan, likewise has come on board, designing pieces for the men’s collections, as well as one-of-a-kind high-jewelry designs that showcase stunning diamonds and gemstones. This all-in-the-family philosophy is likewise met with enthusiasm by fans, knowing the beauty of Yurman jewels will be highlighted in new interpretations for years to come.

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