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Winter’s Color Palette Brought to You by LEVEL THREE

There’s so much to love about winter! Now, we may be biased, but our favorite part of this season definitely involves shopping – especially when in preparation for an event where the aesthetic inspires striking seasonal style. And if there’s ever an ideal time to host a stunning event, it’s winter, when magic and joy are at their peaks.

Planning to host a winter wedding or other special occasion over the next couple months? Our neighbors at LEVEL THREE know how to create unforgettable events where the backdrops beg to be photographed.

Here are 5 of their top picks for winter color palettes:


Gold Hues

Swap the iconic cherry red and holly-jolly green synonymous with Christmas for rich emerald, burgundy and gold. Just like that, you add elegance to your evening without sacrificing a festive touch.


Winter White


Take notes from Mother Nature: Snow is in. Winter white might not sound groundbreaking, but it’s always chic. Plus, sticking to a neutral base gives you flexibility to add in personal touches in the shades of your choosing.


Metallic Maven

Bold, fun and fearless, mixed metallics – think gold, rose gold, silver and bronze – are festive and shimmery, yet eternally on-trend.


Into the Starry Night

Make like a firework and shoot for the night sky. Deep blues and charcoals, mixed with soft greys and slivers of silver, create a dreamy and romantic evening-inspired setting.


Icy Pastels

For a celebration that transitions seamlessly from winter to spring, icy pastels (mauve, blush, periwinkle, lavender, mint…) serve as an ethereal and enchanting backdrop.

Happy Celebrating!

For more information, visit LEVEL THREE MIAMI or call 305-318-5471.

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