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What Inspires Bottega Veneta?

For the second year in the row Bottega Veneta celebrates renowned artisanal makers in an effort to recognize their know-how and their commitment to excellence. A series of initiatives, virtual and otherwise, is supporting this activation that has popped up on social media and the streets of Milan.

A bit of context: “Bottega Veneta” translates to “Venetian Shop,” a moniker that reflects the house’s roots in handmade, minimally branded leather goods. The crafty reference is at the epicenter of brand’s DNA that led to a development of a distinctive leather weaving design, the Intrecciato, which instantly became Bottega Veneta’s iconic signature. “When your own initials are enough” became the brand’s historic slogan. Thanks to Intrecciato, Bottega Veneta’s products are immediately recognizable. Its understated logo appears discreetly on the inside of its products. This easily harkens back to Bottega Veneta’s “workshop” identity.

Making of Bottega VenetaMaking of Intrecciato

Presented in the form of a content series on social networks and via a dedicated tab on the brand’s official website, the mission puts “Bottegas” center stage, including manufacturers, gastronomy, décor, art, and design. To promote this initiative, Bottega Veneta’s parent company, The Kering Group, has also transformed billboards and shop windows in the city of Milan, the capital of Italian fashion. Last year’s debut took an exclusive look at Italian craftsmen, but the new edition of “Bottega for Bottegas” expands its consideration by featuring 14 international workshops. The project includes bottegas from around the world with practices and products inspired by Italian culture. Four are U.S.-based.


Bottega Veneta Spring 2023

Franca NYC is a ceramic manufacturer and design studio based in Brooklyn. Founded by Jazmin de la Guardia and Sierra Yip-Bannicq, it produces useful, modern, yet playful ceramics. Family-operated workshop in Vermont, Rockledge Farm Woodworks is a small atelier that crafts exquisite handmade furniture from fine natural woods. Its Rockledge Farm gelato scoop pays homage to an Italian delicacy. Settepani Bakery was founded in 1992 by Italian chef Nino Settepani in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and continues to run with the help of his wife, Leah, and their children Bilena and Seyoum. Nostalgia Cookies from his hometown of Ventimiglia di Sicilia are a specialty, as well as other traditional pastries, desserts, and the year-round Panettone. Finally, Westwind Orchard is a farm in the Hudson Valley, and the first bio-intensive orchard in the area. Led by Italian farmer Fabio Chizzola, Westwind Orchard makes delicious hard cider, jams, syrups, honey, and other natural products.

With this endeavor Bottega Veneta is betting on its success and popularity to shine the light on the many facets and intrigues of luxury’s craftsmanship, “especially at a time when the smallest entities continue to be affected by the pandemic” explained Bartolomeo Rongone, CEO of the maison.

To learn more or to pick up one of the Bottega Veneta’s coveted bags visit its pop-up location in Center Court. For more information, call 305-935-1110.

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