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Tonal: Fulfilling Your Fitness Goals At Home

It happens to us all: we set a fitness goal for the week or month ahead, inspired and motivated to see it through to fruition, only to find we’ve let too many days slip by with the promise that we’d get to the gym “tomorrow.” If only there was a convenient, “no excuses” solution, such as an all-in-one body sculpting system under your own roof…

That’s where Tonal comes in.

Now available at Aventura Mall, Tonal is a full-body strength training system that combines expert coaching with revolutionary equipment to offer both a personal trainer and an at-home gym. It packs hundreds of movements – and 200 pounds of resistance – into a sleek all-in-one device that seamlessly blends in with your home decor.

The Tonal system was founded by Aly Orady after he discovered a solution to his lifelong struggles with weight. By strength training consistently for several months, Aly was able to lose 70 pounds – however, he recognized that going to the gym and working with a trainer every day wasn’t sustainable for the average person. Aly took matters into his own hands, inventing a cutting-edge solution that uses electromagnetics to create electronic resistance, replacing traditional machines and equipment he used in the weight room with a single digital weight system.

As the world’s smartest home gym, Tonal provides the personalized and on-demand coaching and monitoring you need to live a healthier life, without the extra effort, time and money it takes to leave your space. Simply set a goal and select from a series of multi-week programs, one-off workouts, custom workouts or Free Lift mode. Next, follow along as Tonal’s virtual coach customizes your workout, guides your every movement, monitors the quality of your reps, and tracks your progress and results. Say no more – we’re hooked.

Lauded by The New York Times, Fast Company and Men’s Health, Tonal has become a sensation with a growing list of over 20 athlete investors, including Serena Williams and Steph Curry. The new Tonal Aventura Mall store is one of 12 in the United States.

Tonal is located on the Upper Level near Macy’s.

For more information on store openings and hours, call 305-935-1110.

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