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Tiffany & Co.: A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Timeless, elegant, and forever a girl’s best friend, diamonds are true symbols of sophistication and romance. Equally awe-inspiring are the ways in which diamonds are sourced, evaluated and cut—something customers can now discover when shopping at Tiffany & Co.

Starting this October, Tiffany & Co. customers purchasing individually registered diamonds that are .18 carats or larger can learn the region or country their diamond hails from, where it was cut and polished, graded, and quality assured, and where it was set in jewelry.  For example, a diamond may have been mined in Australia, South Africa, or Botswana before being evaluated for quality in New York City. With this “Diamond Craft Journey,” Tiffany & Co. is the first global luxury jeweler to disclose the country where its stones are crafted.

Tiffany announced this important initiative in 2019.

“Today we advance our commitment to diamond traceability one step further,” said Tiffany & Co.’s chief sustainability officer, Anisa Kamadoli Costa, in a statement. “Our customers deserve to know that a Tiffany diamond was sourced with the highest standards, not only in quality but also in social and environmental responsibility. We believe that diamond traceability is the best means to ensure both.”

The jeweler has also fortified its dedication to environmental wellness. Tiffany & Co. does not utilize ivory or coral – which have been dubbed “too precious to wear” by environmental groups – in any of its products, and the brand employs strict protocols for sourcing both diamonds and colored gemstones.

“Not only are we seeing a new generation of socially conscious consumers who care deeply about where their most precious possessions came from, and how they came to be, we are raising awareness among those who might not otherwise have considered the importance of diamond traceability,” Costa said. “I believe that the luxury sector has a critical role to play in advancing sustainability. We use our voice and the power of the Tiffany brand to thoughtfully speak out to create awareness and influence broader change.”

Even the iconic Tiffany Blue Box has “gone green” and is now made with paper from sustainable sources, including recycled materials.

To find the diamond of your dreams and learn about its history, visit the Aventura Mall Tiffany & Co. boutique, located on the lower level near Center Court. Call 305-914-1019 to speak with a store associate.


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