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The Wishing Garden

It is important to pause and take moments to reflect, share gratitude, and enthusiasm for the upcoming days and months ahead. Our dreams, wishes and aspirations keep us motivated, engaged and impassioned, and they truly can be materialized if nurtured.

Throughout history, cultures in Japan, England, Turkey and around the world have written their wishes down on small pieces of paper and hung them on trees to help connect their dreams to reality. Now, you can experience this time-honored, global tradition firsthand at Aventura Mall.

The Wishing Garden – located in the outdoor area next to the Gorillas in the Mist fountain – provides a natural and tranquil sanctuary for you to reflect on and share your wishes.

Visit the wish table, located inside the mall entry between Emack & Bolios and Joe & The Juice. After writing or drawing your wishes on a card, you can tie your card to one of the designated trees in the picturesque Wishing Garden.

Once your wish is hung, take a peaceful moment to reflect. The trees are already chock-full of wishes that can be read by any visitor, so be sure to bring plenty of good vibes to share!

“[A] healthy family, love and peace,” wrote one wisher.

“Money, love and happiness … but mostly money” (a relatable vibe) wrote another.

For some, wishes were straightforward, and specific: “I wish for another dog” was one person’s only wish—a worthy cause, if you ask us.

Sometimes, the wishes themselves tell stories and remind us of all that is going on in the world. “I wish for success in school and everything [else] in life. I also wish to see my family in Israel more. I would like to wish health and happiness to my entire family.”

For more information, visit Aventura Mall today or call (305) 935-1110 to speak with a representative. We hope all of your wishes come true!


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