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The Haas At Bass

December 3, 2018

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Fans of the art program at Aventura Mall will no doubt recognize the name of a duo honored at Bass Museum during this year’s Miami Art Week.

The Haas Brothers

Since founding The Haas Brothers in 2010, brothers Nikolai and Simon have rejected artistic boundaries and hierarchies, creating a playful and provocative world that merges art, fashion, film, music, and design. Case in point,  the Gorilla in the Mist an installation that adds an unprecedented whimsy to the Aventura Mall’s courtyard, that attracts fans of the arts young and old. Haas’ openness to experimentation and general curiosity has resulted in a wide-ranging visual lexicon that incorporates a spectrum of materials from stone and porcelain to brass and bronze to self-invented resins and polyurethanes. The Brothers’ dynamic practice is characterized by technical precision and a whimsical sense of humor that speaks to a universal audience. Their unique take on the craft and environment has merited an exceptional badge of honor thanks to a local art institution.

“Uma Worm-an” Black Icelandic Sheep Skin, Cast Bronze Beast Bench

“Ferngully” is The Haas Brothers‘ first solo museum exhibition. A comprehensive vision of contemporary art, the exhibition presents the practice of the two LA-based designers.“Ferngully” is titled after an animated film from 1992 and features an immersive installation, comprising different materials and elements which recreate a utopic setting recalling a natural and wild environment. Through this work the artists explore the precariousness and regenerative possibilities of the natural environment. On view until April 21, 2019, the show pays beautiful homage to these talented visionaries, whose concept is beautifully exemplified by their work on display at Aventura Mall.

Inspiration behind the Ferngully title

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