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The Fierce Females of Peloton

Peloton has taken the fitness world by storm. From cycling, running and strength training to yoga, dance and meditation, the brand has something to offer everyone – regardless of skill level or fitness experience. With energetic and vivacious instructors, Peloton makes it hard to find an excuse not to squeeze a workout into your busy day.

We are highlighting some of the strong, inspirational female instructors you need to check out before your next class. The following roundup from Shape highlights instructors by training style, so you can find the one who motivates you the most. Ready, set, cycle!

If the music playlist is your No. 1 factor when it comes to selecting a class, Hannah Frankson is your girl. According to Shape, Frankson syncs her cycling classes with music across decades and genres. Her rides range from 80s rock to 2000s pop hits.

Shape has another suggestion for music lovers who look to a perfectly crafted playlist for motivation. Ally Love is an instructor who curates artist series rides to uplift and inspire those who tune into her classes. From Pitbull to Whitney Houston, Love has compiled many artists’ top hits into one playlist. Ready to belt out “I Will Always Love You” with Love? Go for it.

Peloton classes can be challenging, so it helps to have an instructor who will be by your side every step (or pedal) of the way. Shape recommends Robin Arzón for users looking for that nonstop encouragement. In her classes, Arzón “keeps the energy level high and constantly doles out motivational quotes,” according to Shape.

When it comes to scheduling your workout, are you a morning person? If so, we’ve got the woman for you! Jess Sims is the perfect instructor to energize you for the day ahead, as her playlists are always “packed with invigorating songs that will pump you up better than a cup of coffee,” according to Shape.

With a unique, authentic personality that resonates with everyone she teaches, Jess King is perfect for users who like an instructor who’s able to “get real,” according to Shape.

As a former NFL cheerleader and gymnast, Shape says Rebecca Kennedy is the best instructor for users looking to incorporate athletic moves into their workouts. Kennedy incorporates her athletic past into her classes, constantly introducing new moves to keep the workouts fresh and make the time fly by.

With so many influential female instructors to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favorite. We suggest trying different classes to determine which instructor and workout style you enjoy the most.

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