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Summer’s Greatest Accessory: Confidence

August 15, 2018

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Let’s face it: Sometimes stepping out in a two-piece is nearly as daunting as stepping out of a plane. But, who said bikini season had to be stressful?

Expect to be Nicki Minaj-level “feeling yourself” with these three confidence-boosting tips, featuring the latest addition to Aventura Mall’s lineup of swimwear retailers, Cia.Marítima. The Brazilian brand has established itself as a trend launcher in the beachwear industry, offering high-tech fabrics and dynamic cuts.

1. Find Your Fit

We don’t just mean size-wise, but print-, style- and brand-wise. Don’t feel pressured to follow the latest trends. If tie-side bottoms don’t suit you, try the same print in a high-waisted cut. You might be pleasantly surprised! Being Latin America’s largest swimwear retailer, Cia. Marítima offers countless styles, all crafted with unique quality standards.

2. Posture Equals Positivity

Hear us out: Standing up straight is the easiest, not to mention the most affordable, confidence booster. Posture is linked to enthusiasm and higher self-esteem. Rather than sucking everything in, let’s focus on straight spines, squared shoulders and lifted chins!


3. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

We often forget swimsuits are outfits, too. Like all looks, bikinis can be elevated with the right accessory pairings. If you’re feeling a little too bare, the perfect sandal, body chain or sun hat might be the finishing touch you never knew you needed. Check out Cia.Marítima’s selection of beach-friendly accessories, certain to add flair to any two pieces. What better way to boost poolside confidence?

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