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#StayYourself In Style with Maje

Human beings are constantly evolving. After all, growing and exploring who we are is a beautiful part of the human experience, is it not? And yet, despite our transformations, there’s an underlying essence that remains consistent and true. This authenticity should be at the core of everything we are – and, coupled with our ever-changing nature, is exactly what Parisian fashion house Maje wants us to exude in our style.

The brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign, #StayYourself, features top model Cara Taylor lending her features to seven styles (or, as Maje calls them, “characters”). Yes, #StayYourself is essentially saying you should be yourself, but also encourages you to focus on where it takes you. From girly and androgynous to a cheeky cowgirl, rocker chick, adventure seeker, bohemian babe or newlywed-inspired romantic, style should reflect and express who you are and how you feel in any given moment, encapsulating your facets and identities as they appear. Case in point: Any aesthetic can be authentically yours.

The collection features a wide variety of stunning styles exemplifying the characters expressed by Taylor: Western belts and fringe handbags, ruffled skits and floral prints, tweed and cloqué dresses, denim and leather jackets, collared shirts, pantsuits, buckled boots and more help fashionistas play with a wide range of personas, providing them with accessories and ready-to-wear pieces for every mood and moment.

Each day is a new opportunity to show the world who you are through your style. Shop the #StayYourself Collection at Maje, located on the Lower Level near Macy’s Men’s Home Furniture. For more information, call 305-792-1029.

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