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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Miami’s abundant art scene is brimming with vibrancy and imagination – and, when it comes to creativity, The Arts Aventura Mall collection exceeds with flying colors. More than 20 works deck the wings and exterior of the center, making renowned artistry available to visitors wanting to expand their cultural horizons. Blending appreciation with playfulness, Rainbow Valley is an enchanting playground installation for art enthusiasts and children alike.

Embrace a magical world of smiling mountains, winding rivers, and cheerful clouds found at the Rainbow Valley Playground. Located on the lower level near JCPenney, the dream-like setting is a peek into the minds of artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, known collectively as FriendsWithYou.

The Arts Aventura Mall collection is constantly expanding with new additions like towering sculptures, unparalleled installations and colorful murals. Rainbow Valley, commissioned by Turnberry for the Arts in 2006, was Aventura Mall’s first installation. The long-standing playground is a whimsical destination for young visitors looking to immerse themselves in a storybook.

When children walk through the installation’s rainbow arch, they are transported to a colorful and idyllic wonderland. More than just a playground, Rainbow Valley represents a story of friendship and adventure. The journey begins when Peeko, a baby mountain, loses his family and embarks on a mission to find small mountains to befriend. Peeko soon meets Cloudy, his cumulus new pal, as they explore Rainbow Valley together.

Sure, Rainbow Valley is an enriching experience for children … but it’s also a joy for adults! FriendsWithYou has contributed critically acclaimed works to the artistic community, garnering press from media like The New York Times. Its joyous clouds have even made an appearance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

FriendsWithYou has hosted solo exhibitions around the globe since 2003. When Aventura Mall first commissioned the installation, the duo was expanding their presence in places like Tokyo, Berlin, and New York City. FriendsWithYou has since grown to international fame for their jubilant works, which have captivated millions.

Miami dwellers and visitors don’t have to venture to Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art or track down the latest solo exhibit to see the magic of FriendsWithYou. The Arts Aventura Mall collection provides free access to renowned artists, making creativity available to all.

Enjoy the fun at Rainbow Valley Playground and revel in FriendsWithYou’s fantasy world. Whether accompanying a child or viewing from afar, the installation is a contemporary staple in Miami’s art scene.

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