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Study Guide: Your Best Back to School Shopping Experience

July 19, 2018

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Summer camp friendships, pool parties and long days spent at the beach are just a few of summer’s leisurely perks. As the summer season fades, it signals the start of the biggest shopping experience of the year: back-to-school season.


Head into one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year prepared. Aventura Mall is a one-stop shop for everything you need to make your back-to-school shopping the best it can be. Thankfully, we’ve got a study guide for everything you need to do to ace your next shopping spree.


Arrive Early to Beat the Crowds and Snag the Best Parking

Parents always tell their children the early bird catches the worm, but it’s time to take your own advice. The early shopper grabs the best parking spot. Set an alarm and plan to get to the mall early in the day will help you beat traffic, find the right parking spot, and make an action plan for your shopping. The new wing garage, located near the Aventura Slide Tower between Macy’s and JC Penney, is an ideal parking location. Back-to-school season is a busy time of year, so plan ahead.


Do Your Homework

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You might not be in grade school anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from homework. Plan your parking and which stores you want to hit up first. To be extra efficient, map out your visit from point A to point B with a map of the mall. To be a true teacher’s pet, download the Aventura Mall app in the iTunes store or on Google Play to have our full floorplan and list of retailers at your fingertips.


Make a List

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We make grocery lists and packing lists, why not shopping lists? Study up on what is needed for a successful, fresh start to the academic year and follow through. Get extra credit for making a shopping list to go hand-in-hand with your store map.


Grab a Bite & Get Energized 

Rummaging through sale racks and carrying shopping bags can be quite the workout. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start off with fuel from Dr Smood.  The matcha and maca chia pudding packs a punch with its energy boosting properties. Once you’re full, make a stop at Blue Bottle Coffee for a caffeinated latte to go!


Hit Up the Shops

From kindergarten to college, there are so many different trends for all ages. Zara and J. Crew are two stylish retailers with versatile options for children and adults. Your tykes will look perfect for school pictures in Abercrombie Kids and Gymboree, while your teens make the “best dressed” list in Aerie.


Dine at the Treats Food Hall

Treats Food Hall

The thing about shopping with family is that everyone has an opinion on food. While your husband may love ramen, your son may love burgers, and your daughter just wants straight up sugar. We know the drill. Stop by the Food Hall for a variety of interesting concepts to please everyone in your household. From Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen to Asian cuisine at The BŌL, there’s a piece of cultural cuisine to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.


Cool Down and Relax

Gorillas in the Mist by Nikolai and Simon Haas

Beat the summer heat by taking a break at the Gorillas in the Mist fountain. The work of art, created by Nikolai and Simon Haas, is comprised of three large-scale bronze gorillas and four massive bronze trees. The piece functionally circulates water, creating a peaceful space to admire. You’ll get a chance to get fresh air, while your kids get a lesson in art history.


Take a Break to Play

Slide Tower by Carsten Höller

By mid-afternoon in a full day of shopping, your family is bound to be bouncing off the walls. Aside from the monkey business, there are other interactive forms of art at Aventura Mall to keep your children entertained. Take a ride on our Slide Tower, a 93-foot tall spiral slide by Carsten Höller that balances art and play.

Rainbow Valley Playground by Friends with You

If you’re shopping with younger children, the Rainbow Valley Playground will give you a chance to sit back and watch your little one climb on colorful rainbows and friendly clouds.


Cheers to a Great Shopping Trip

Photo Courtesy of Tap 42 Kitchen & Bar

Reward yourself with an adult version of the gold star. After a long day, you deserve a fresh pint at Tap 42 Kitchen & Bar. Raise a glass and cheers to a day of successful shopping in the books.

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