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Ring in 2019

December 19, 2018

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IF you are feeling that 2019 may be the beginning of smething new and beautiful, may we offer assistance in understanding the current engagement ring trend. If the experts are right, getting ahead of the sparkly curve may involve thinking outside of the box. Though the classic solitaire may always be in style, here are some option to celebrate your special moment with options that are as unique as your beloved.


Just like the growing love for rose gold, colored gemstones are slowly starting to pop up as a way to switch up your classic engagement ring. Whether as the main stone or the flanking accents, these pops of color in the form of sapphires, emeralds, or yellow diamonds give a classy, yet unique touch.

Fancy Deep Pink Diamond ring at Tiffany


This romantic hue has been blowing up in the fashion and beauty world recently, and we can’t get past the surprisingly timeless appeal of the metal. It started as a popular choice for feminine, fashion-forward ladies, like Lauren Conrad; but we’re seeing it become a go-to choice for bride-to-bes everywhere.

18CT Rose Gold Hale Engagement Ring at Mayors


We can thank Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for this trend, as it’s been blowing up since the royal engagement ring was debuted. Three, similarly sized diamonds give a modern update to this simple and classic look.

Bridal Sapphire Dimond ring in white gold at Zales


This modern shape looks elegant and sleek at the same time and is perfect for the fashion forward lady. It looks great with white gold and rose gold, and you can elevate the bling with a pavé setting or leave the diamond alone for simplicity.

Destinee Solitaire at Cartier


This trend isn’t minimal by any means, but it says that the wearer is interested in something stunning, yet more practically styled. It’s thick and glitzy enough to make a statement, though it still has a no-fuss attitude.

Gold and Diamond Beverly Hills ring at Djula

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