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Pomellato Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Nudo Design

Twenty years ago, the arrival of the trailblazing Nudo ring revolutionized the world of jewelry – and trust us, it has not disappointed since.

Born in Milan, the Nudo’s brilliantly novel premise was to dare to stand out as a ring reduced to its essence in an enticing rainbow of joyfully bright colors, challenging the traditional diamond engagement ring. Since that seminal moment in 2001, the Nudo has become Pomellato’s signature design.

Nudo, meaning nude or bare in Italian, was born out of a desire to create something different from the trend for large, ostentatious jewelry prevalent at the time. Today, the Nudo’s timeless form is recognized around the world thanks to the strength of its visual purity, the ever-changing range of vivid colors and its inherently tactile appeal.

Over the years, the rebellious Nudo has continued to reveal new concepts of preciousness. To date, there have been 35 different gems set into these jewels. Though virtually unchanged since the very first version, the rings now come in four sizes.

Ever moving forward on its creative journey, the range has expanded. Today, the Nudo family is composed of 150 items. The first Nudo pendant arrived in 2016, followed by a bracelet unveiled in 2018, and a sautoir released in 2019.

It was 2020 when Nudo entered the world of high jewelry with the dazzling La Gioia collection. Nudo is Pomellato’s shining star which has not just stood the test of time over two decades, but grown to embody the design philosophy of the house.

Vincenzo Castaldo, the brand’s creative director who keeps the light of Nudo burning bright, says, “There are so many of our passions, desires and intuitions in the Nudo… it is such an important actor on the Pomellato stage, so extraordinary with its presence and strength, that Nudo is the very essence of Pomellato.”

Since then, its playful irreverence continues to appeal to the independent-minded, fashionable Pomellato woman, confident to embrace the unorthodox Nudo attitude by wearing the most elegant symbol of empowerment.

This holiday season, we celebrate 20 years of the Milanese jeweler’s most iconic collection. To explore the Nudo Collection, be sure to visit Pomellato, which is located on the Lower Level.

For more information, call 305-690-7726.

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