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Pick up your new Apple product, then get creative at home!

Apple Aventura Mall reopens today at 11am, enabling tech lovers and brand devotees the opportunity to peruse an array of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and much more.

And, if you’re like us, you’ve probably developed new hobbies and interests these last few months. Not quite a pro yet? Visit Today at Apple *At Home to learn an array of new skills, from photography to videography to music and more. The site features quick and fun videos from Apple Creative Pros around the world.

Our favorite: turning your kitchen sounds into a house music track using GarageBand. Here’s what’s available at the site:

Add a bit of magic to videos with Clips

Get inspired by Gus from Apple Carnegie Library in Washington, DC, as he creates seamless transitions and infinite video loops using the free Clips app. Gus guides you in American Sign Language. Subtitles and audio narration included.

Add drama and style to your portraits with iPhone

Bee from Apple Carnegie Library in Washington, DC, shows you how getting creative with your subject and surroundings can help you create unexpected portraits.

Make your videos more cinematic with iPhone

John from Apple Burlington in Massachusetts shows how a few simple tricks and techniques can add that big-screen feeling to your iPhone videos.

Turn your home into music with GarageBand

Rosie from Apple Regent Street in London demonstrates how to whip together sounds from your kitchen to create a sweet “house” music track using the free GarageBand app.

Draw playful portraits with iPad

Harriet from Apple Regent Street in London shows you how to add doodles, color, and your own handwriting to turn a quick photo into a unique portrait.

Capture striking photography with iPhone

Follow along with Cameron from Apple Orchard Road in Singapore to learn angles and edits that will help you capture artful photos featuring your home.

Shoot photos full of personality with iPhone

Join Adrian from Apple Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica as he shows you how to dig into the Camera app on iPhone to capture your personality in self-portraits.

Located in the outdoor area of the New Wing, the Apple Store features sunlit views through oversized windows and its modern, exterior architecture is inspired by Miami’s ambiance. The roof mimics ocean waves while the overall aesthetic is “consistent with the marine climate and classic mid-century design of the region,” according to Chris Brathwaite, senior director of Apple retail design.

Click Here to read Apple’s Store Opening Letter.

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