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Perfume Maker BYREDO is Killing the Bag Game

October 11, 2019

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Back in March in Paris Ben Gorham, the creative genius behind Byredo, revealed his ideas for Fall 2019 to the audience packed with who is who of the beautiful set, like Virgil Abloh, Anja Rubik and Aymeline Valade. Said collection for the label, which dabbles in beauty (fragrance more widely recognized) and leather goods. For fall, the Swede presented a small, focused accessories lineup where he reworked the brand’s popular Blueprint bag using embroideries and hand-painted techniques. Available at the best mall in Miami.

Fall bag by Byredo

His muse was the art of bird-watching, which he was drawn to for its peaceful, community-based nature. That inspiration was translated into bags in bright colors and hand-painted inkblots, that reflected a perfect symmetry of birds. “This style has quickly become our iconic bag, maybe because it has a very strong silhouette — without branding or without hard wear, it still became quickly recognizable. So I felt like I should keep exploring different iterations of this bag and use it as a canvas,” says Gorham in a press release. “I’m quite slow, but we’ve also been developing some accessories to add to the collection.”

Ben Gorham

Additional leather pieces include overalls and a tailored jacket, which feature paintings of birds and a pair of combat boots embellished with black feathers all over. But the aviary inspiration doesn’t stop there. Gorham added a series of sculptures to the mix, which resembled bird houses and will be sold through art galleries.

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