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Monumental Magnitude

True to its standout pedigree, Cartier recently unveiled Magnitude, its latest high jewelry collection in an art exhibition space in LondonRich in color and contrasts, the collection centered around unique pairings of precious and semi-precious gemstones that together assert the force of the storied jeweler’s inventive design and creativity, and the “disruptive” presentation style that Cartier’s audience knows well.


Cartier Magnitude’s Aphelie necklace.

The collection brings to light the natural beauty of semi-precious stones—which Cartier labels “ornamental”—such as rutilated quartz, opal, and lapis lazuli. As a group, they create a striking, talismanic effect when paired with their precious stone counterparts—like emeralds, colored diamonds, rubies, and sapphires—and punctuated with touches of onyx or encased in rock crystal.

Cartier Magnitude’s Equinoxe necklace.

Though Magnitude opened with 69 pieces in London, the collection will likely extend to 120 pieces when the show travels to Paris during Couture Week in July and to New York in November. No word yet if any of the pieces will make it to Cartier’s store in Aventura, the best shopping mall in Miami.


Cartier is located on the lower level.

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