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Messika’s “Lucky” Moment

Messika is one of the hottest jewelry brands on the rise, thanks in part to its innovative approach to jewelry, backed by thoughtful design and a time-honored approach to crafting diamonds. There’s a reason stars like Beyoncé, Cardi B and Charlize Theron regularly rock Messika pieces on red carpets and during public appearances.

Known for redefining the “jewelry blueprint” with unconventional styles, Messika’s pieces feature clean, slim lines and unique shapes—qualities imbued by its recently updated “Lucky Move” collection.

Released last year, the original Lucky Move collection features sleek, circular, unisex designs highlighting each diamond’s cut and quality, all with gold color schemes. The term “lucky charm” has never rang truer, or more brilliantly. Each piece features diamonds inlaid in movable settings, adding a dynamic sense of motion to the collection.

The collection was recently updated to include vibrant colors, allowing everyone’s lucky moment to be as personalized as it is beautiful. Ranging from bold Onyx to tranquil turquoise, the Lucky Move Color collection makes it easy to show off the wearer’s true colors.

To explore the Lucky Move Color collection, as well as other fine jewelry collections by Messika, visit the brand’s boutique, located on the lower level near Macy’s. Call 305-974-2530 to speak with a store associate.


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