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Forever Homes for Furry Friends

The Humane Society of Greater Miami is dedicated to placing animals in loving homes with compassionate and committed caregivers – an initiative that Aventura Mall has supported for more than 20 years.

Humane Society Executive Director Laurie Hoffman, who has served the organization for 16 years, touched on the emotional nature of her position. Hoffman’s “typical” workday involves overcoming unique challenges with the organization’s dedication to animal welfare at the forefront.

“When we get to the point when there is a before and after picture, or adoption story from a really sad beginning, it just makes it all great,” said Hoffman. “There are so many things you have to deal with that you never anticipate, but I am so proud that we handle, fix, and treat everything we are faced with.”

Recently, some shelters across the U.S. have seen an uptick in the number of pet adoptions and fosters due to more people staying home and following social distancing recommendations. However, others are reporting increases in the number of pets they’re taking in due to owners who can no longer afford to care for their pets or have become ill.

Following hectic weeks and increased uncertainty due to COVID-19, shelter pets can provide an uplifting sense of comfort and relief to their owners. Hoffman attributes this to the special connection that humans share with animals.

“The bond between animals and humans is unconditional and almost indescribable,” said Hoffman. “Not only do we get to meet potential owners and spread awareness of who we are and what we do, but the delight we get to see on children’s faces adds to just really an amazing day.”

“The smallest thing that anybody can do with the largest effect for us is to be an ambassador for us and our mission,” said Hoffman. “Because Aventura Mall has such a large audience, it’s an amazing outlet to help us spread the word of what we do.”

Aventura Mall is honored to be part of the Humane Society’s history of meaningful work and serve as a platform for the organization’s broad impact.

There are abundant opportunities to get involved and join the Humane Society in providing much-needed care for homeless animals. You can also learn more about the organization’s spay/neuter programs and how you can promote responsible pet ownership here.

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