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MARIA TASH Brings Elevated Piercing Experience to Aventura Mall

Maria Tash

When it comes to making a statement with fine jewelry, bigger isn’t always better, especially as it relates to piercings. Curated stacks of shiny studs and delicate, intricately bejeweled earrings spiraling around the ear’s interior and exterior ridges continue to dominate this season’s hottest accessories trends. If you’re just delving into the world of luxury piercings, we’ll break it down for you and share some exciting news about the new luxury piercing pop-up right here at the best shopping destination in Miami: Aventura Mall.

It should come as no surprise that the number of piercing styles and combinations is limited only by your own creativity and sense of style. Leading luxury piercing jewelry brand, MARIA TASH, has been at the forefront of this industry for nearly three decades, amassing a cult following comprised of everyday trendsetters as well as celebrity and industry fans around the globe. Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Maluma, Zoë Kravitz, Bad Bunny, Lewis Hamilton, Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, Dua Lipa, and Oliva Rodrigo are just a handful of stars who have been spotted wearing pieces from the brand.

Lucky for you, MARIA TASH’s new pop-up store is now open right here at Aventura Mall, so you don’t have to brave that Miami traffic to expand your style with fine jewelry or enjoy an elevated piercing experience. The gorgeous boutique features multiple cases showcasing its range of glittering jewels, stylish seating, and three private, ultra-luxurious piercing rooms. Styling, piercing, checkups for old piercings, and consultations for new ones are among the available services. Furthermore, the store’s male and female expert piercers have extensive training and provide an unparalleled, individualized experience. You can find entry-level products between $100-$500 all the way up to top-tier and custom pieces starting at $10,000.

For nearly three decades, MARIA TASH has been at the forefront of the fine jewelry and piercing industries, all thanks to the brand’s namesake founder. A native New Yorker and avid traveler, Maria was influenced by the music and fashion scenes of the ’80s and early ‘90s. During this time, San Francisco was at the center of the U.S. creative piercing community, and it was there that she honed her piercing skills before becoming one of the first members of the city’s Association of Professional Piercers.

Maria Tash Piercings - Aventura Mall
Maria Tash Piercings - Aventura Mall
Maria Tash Piercings - Aventura Mall

Maria viewed piercing as a form of beauty and wanted to couple it with delicate fine jewelry – a contrast to the thick, industrial looks that were popular at the time. Her penchant for interesting placements resulted in never-seen-before jewelry being applied and layered on the body in a novel fashion. Because of her background in science, Maria concurrently developed a piercing methodology now known as “the forward facing technique,” and holds the only patents ever issued for piercing locations; the Tash HelixSM and the Tash Hidden RookSM. From her first studio in Manhattan’s East Village in 1993 to her presence across continents today, Maria continues to push the boundaries and is recognized as a vanguard and trailblazer in the piercing and fine jewelry worlds.

maria tash invisibleset at aventura mall
engraved mariatas piercings at aventura mall
Maria Tash Scalloped at aventura mall

The accomplishments don’t stop there. MARIA TASH is also the first to offer secure, internally threaded jewelry in roughly the same thickness as earring posts, making the technique perfect for earlobe, ear cartilage, and nostril piercings. Additionally, Maria is credited with inventing the first rings that use a hinge mechanism and “clicker” style closure, as well as “invisible settings,” which make the diamond look as if it is floating on top of the skin while the setting remains completely invisible.

Maria Tash
Maria Tash Piercings - Aventura Mall
Maria Tash Piercings - Aventura Mall

With a fresh perspective that lives at the intersection of beauty, fashion, and accessories, Maria continues to pioneer piercing techniques and design refined jewelry collections. Art meets science with her approach to both design and piercing, driven largely by her desire to deliver not only a look but a feeling of beauty to her clients. The label has become synonymous with the Curated Ear, a personalized look through which each client’s personal style and anatomy guide a curated assortment of studs and rings. MARIA TASH continues to expand its global reach with this new luxurious destination around the world.

If you are ready to explore the glittering universe of fine jewelry and luxury piercing, start by defining your style:

Maria Tash Piercings - Aventura Mall
Maria Tash Piercings - Aventura Mall
Maria Tash Piercings - Aventura Mall

You seek to express yourself through unique jewelry and favor spikes or geometric gold shapes. You’re likely to experiment with unusual piercings and stay on top of trends through social media. You choose MARIA TASH for its wide selection.

You favor quality jewelry that fits your active lifestyle and may prefer large diamonds and statement pieces. Your goal is to collect pieces that express aspects of your life and bond with friends over piercing. You choose MARIA TASH for its expertise.

You want innovative pieces and placements, and value design elements with unique details. You stay up to date on fashion trends and are relieved to have found a place that delivers the piercings you’ve always wanted. You choose MARIA TASH for its convenience and cleanliness.

MARIA TASH is located on the Upper Level near Nordstrom.

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