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Louis Vuitton’s Heritage Can Be Discovered Within Every Current Design


Just northeast of Paris, in the neighboring, bustling suburb of Asnières, you can discover the heart of Louis Vuitton’s heritage: the workshop where the founder of the company first established his trunk workshop in 1859. Today, it’s one among more than a dozen Louis Vuitton workshops throughout France – but, if you want to understand the heritage at the heart of this revered brand, all roads lead to Asnières.

It’s in this workshop where special-order trunks and high-style handbags are produced, while the same motifs and handcraft likewise find their way throughout the other pieces in this legendary French brand’s considerable collection. This is where the iconic Monogram pattern got its start, after all, adorning waterproof trunks that have been lovingly handmade for 163 years, with artisans running their hands over each length of coated canvas to ensure its smooth placement.

Fast forward to 2022, and it’s still easy to spot the DNA of Louis Vuitton within the brand’s current designs. The Monogram has been reinvented in myriad ways, from oversized prints that adorn a women’s tote bag to the four-petaled flowers and initials that form a stripe on a men’s suit jacket. For women, a vinyl sleeveless sheath is also meant to evoke thoughts of the brand’s durable and stylish coated canvas, crafted in a deep charcoal hue sure to remind you of the graphite that’s a signature of Vuitton’s popular Damier checkerboard print.

Louis Vuitton’s latest Resort collections are likewise steeped in this philosophy. Women’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière blended signature elements of the brand with a space-age vibe that hinted at thoughts of André Courrèges, while for his final Resort collection, the late Virgil Abloh collaborated with Japanese designer Nigo to create an exceptional grouping of menswear designs that effortlessly blended streetwear elements with details integral to the brand – a collection so singular and significant, the individual pieces are sure to become collector’s items. And yet, the fun of these clothes is undeniably present, because that idea defines Resort most of all.

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