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Louis Vuitton LV² Collection by Virgil Abloh and Nigo®

Louis Vuitton recently announced a standalone, one-of-a-kind capsule collection that will transport you to the stylish streets of Tokyo.

Designed in collaboration with Nigo—a Japanese fashion icon whose designs have been showcased by celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg—the Louis Vuitton LV² collection is geared toward the most refined and worldly of spirits, allowing the wearer to experience the global charm and travel-centric appeal for which Louis Vuitton is known.

Built around the concept of multiple overlapping ideas and aesthetics, the capsule collection includes expertly tailored, ready-to-wear leather goods, shoes and accessories, all with dedicated graphics and interpretations of Louis Vuitton’s signature styles. The collection’s signature patchwork print (seen below) acts as a motif.

LV² examines Louis Vuitton’s mod-inspired designs through a Japanese lens that is reminiscent of Tokyo street fashion. Stylish flight jackets with eye-catching designs and lavish, printed luggage inspire a sense of wanderlust.

The collection also features signature bags in the iconic Louis Vuitton shapes: the tote, the keepall, and the money bag. Suede ankle boots, leather hiking boots and on-trend, rectangular sunglasses bearing the LV² logo are among the other standouts.

To explore the LV² collection firsthand, visit the Aventura Mall Louis Vuitton boutique, located on the lower level near Nordstrom. Call 305-931-3887 to speak with a store associate.


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