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Lacoste mobilizes to manufacture masks

Lacoste mobilizes to manufacture protective masks in his factory in Troyes (France), the birthplace of the Crocodile brand.

Faced with the risk of a shortage of protective masks linked to the spread of the coronavirus, Lacoste has reopened some of its French factory closed since 17 March to produce washable and reusable fabric masks.

On Monday 23 March, part of the factory in Troyes was reopened in order to begin work on making protective masks. These masks will be made of fabric from our stocks. Thus, even if they are not surgical masks, Lacoste hopes to make a modest contribution to the collective effort made since the beginning of the pandemic.

Because every gesture counts to overcome this epidemic, Lacoste hopes to add a small stone to this common edifice.

Today, the French brand announced the manufacturing of 100,000 masks. We are proud of the efforts undertaken by Aventura Mall brands.


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