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Kiddie Makeover

January 10, 2018

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UNTUCKit, the men’s top label that began as an e-commerce and now commands 25 stores across the country, has launched its children’s line that much like its original collection is remarkably uncomplicated.


Like the grown-up line, the kids’ button-up shirts and polos are cut with a contoured hemline that hit at the right spot for the perfect casually untucked look.


Similar fabrics and patterns from the adults’ line are used in this endeavor and are crafted in the same cut and proportions as UNTUCKit’s signature shirts. There is one major difference, however. The original shirts are named after wine. For the younger set UNTUCKit chose to name the shirts after cheeses celebrating the perfect pairings of Gouda and Bonarda and fathers and their sons.

Kids’ shirts are cut with a contoured hemline that hit at the right spot

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