Culture. Style. Taste.
Culture. Style. Taste.

Jimmy Choo: Cultured Glamour

Jimmy Choo’s latest Fall 2020 collection celebrates the universality of beauty in the 21st century with a collection that seamlessly melds together global influences in a bold voyage through style. It is a collection inspired by the notion of bringing cultures together, not pushing them apart.

The collection’s twin muses are the late Talitha Getty and Tina Chow, both of whom crossed cultures fearlessly and drew inspiration from their different backgrounds. They share the spirit of the modern Jimmy Choo heroine, whose appetite for life inspires through style, celebrating and championing opposing cultural spheres, reflective of a modern society, a blending of ideas without any creative boundaries.

Accordingly, stylistic references roam, with some borrowed from the notion of travelling through cultures and times. The result is an eclectic collection of shoes and accessories that fuses different approaches and aesthetics.

Symbolic of purity, loyalty and wisdom, pearls are a powerful leitmotif of the collection, used as studding, embroideries and embellishment on the evening KENDRIX ankle boot.

The collection’s hero print, “Toile de Choo,” draws inspiration from the illustrative stories of Japanese Emakimono scrolls and French Toile de Jouy. Inspired by the Silk Route that exchanged riches between East and West in antiquity, the “Toile de Choo” is presented in a delicate porcelain blue fabric.

Always synonymous with gems, Jimmy Choo accessories are equally covetable. The BON BON –the house jewel – is a canvas for decorative exploration, a new modern evening proposal. Like its name, it is sweet and deliciously irresistible, in chandelier fringe, floral laces of theatre velvet and myriad colourways.

Every silhouette and surface speak of refinement and every detail elevates.

For more information on the entire collection, please visit the Jimmy Choo boutique located on the Lower Level in Center Court or call 786-204-4309.

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