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Introducing Aventura Mall’s Personal Stylist & Styling Suite

Introducing Aventura Mall’s Personal Stylist & Styling Suite

If you know Aventura Mall, you know we’re passionate about culture, style, and taste. This year, we expanded on all the above – but we have to say, we really kicked style up a notch. In just one year, we added more luxury fashion houses and pop-ups, several coveted, trendsetting retailers like Aritzia, Mango, and Ganni; and first-to-market launches, including Nike Rise’s first North American store and Lacoste’s first new flagship in Florida.

With great style choices come great responsibility … to help our clients look and feel their best! That said, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of “The Stylist” – Aventura Mall’s personal shopping program, complete with our very own Styling Suite and resident stylist. The Stylist provides one-to-one premier services that foster relationships with our loyal customers and connect them with our array of luxury and fashion brands.

Aventura Mall’s Personal Stylist & Styling Suite

Our beautiful new Styling Suite is located on the Third Level of the Nordstrom wing across from Equinox. This personalized, private space includes a lounge area, fitting rooms, and other amenities to make the experience relaxing and enjoyable. It is by appointment only; however, both the Suite and The Stylist services are open to all Aventura Mall shoppers (particularly those with an affinity for luxury and fashion brands).”

The Stylist is led by Kimmie Sussman, who has vast experience in the fashion industry and now styles clients in London, New York and Miami. Her impressive portfolio includes music videos, television commercials, print advertisements, editorials, runway shows and live appearances. Her client list is highlighted by Serena Williams, Kristin Chenoweth, The Marleys, Timbaland, Mariah Carey, MTV, People Style Watch, Island Records, Universal Records, Ocean Drive and more.

We sat down with Kimmie for a Q&A to ask her about her background, experiences in the fashion industry and (what else?) style:

What is your first fashion memory?

In my parents’ boutique in New York. It was my second home and it’s where I developed my love for clothing.

How did you get started in this business?

I grew up in retail, but it wasn’t until I moved to L.A. in my twenties when I decided to work at the “IT” Santa Monica boutique, when it took off. It felt exciting to be back in fashion. I remember asking a lot of questions when stylists came in to do pulls.

Tell us what got you this far in your career.

Hard work, a lot of hustle and all the mistakes I’ve made along the way. I never really assisted, so I learned on the job. The best step for aspiring stylists is to assist established stylists.

How would you describe the difference between style and fashion?

Having style is about your own aesthetic; not following trends but having your own vibe. Those into fashion are dressing according to current trends.

What is your own style and how do you separate it from what you offer your clients?

My style is kind of my own. I go with my flow and literally get ready in minutes. It’s my knack; I just pull it off. For clients, I tune into them. I wonder who they are, I consider their lifestyle and body type. No two people are alike, and I like to celebrate individuality.

Tell us about the “shop your closet” concept and how you handle a client who has everything?

I like to shop clients’ closets. I even encourage my celebrity clients to do it. Everyone should have their best basics in their wardrobe armory; pieces they feel best in. These pieces can be paired with new, fun and exciting options. When a client has a lot of pieces, but loves fashion and shopping, I use the “buy one, purge one” method.

Give us some examples of classics every person should have.

A timeless coat, blazer, white button down made from cotton or silk, a perfect pair of blue jeans (with no holes), black turtleneck, black and neutral slacks, little black dress, sleek boot, pointed heels and, of course, a gorgeous handbag.

Do you approach dressing women differently than men?

Definitely. For most men, their first requirement is comfort. Women often will endure some discomfort for fashion. I never heard a woman say, “My feet felt amazing after a night in heels!”

How do you overcome some of the fashion challenges you are faced with?

The hardest challenge is teaching people to not overthink getting dressed. I have a rule. If you’re on the fence about buying something, then it’s a hard “no.” Move on. People know when they feel good in something. My job is to teach them how to tune into that voice. That’s how we build their style.

If you were to suggest one “must have” from Hermès, Celine, Annie Bing, Balenciaga, Fendi and Gap, what would you pick?

  • Hermès: Birkin 25
  • Celine: Buckled High boot
  • Anine Bing: Quinn Blazer
  • Balenciaga: Hourglass coat
  • Fendi: Marc Jacobs Baguette
  • Gap: Perfect white tee

Under Kimmie’s direction, The Stylist’s team of fashion afficionados use their collective, in-depth knowledge of trends, luxury, top fashion brands, individual style and in-mall boutiques to create a carefully curated selection of products, bespoke to clients.

Stylists will work with all Aventura Mall brands and services are complimentary for purchases at Aventura Mall stores. With maximum convenience and no minimum spend, The Stylist provides a discreet and intimate experience that puts clients first.

Whether you’re hoping to build a capsule wardrobe, enhance your everyday wardrobe, find the perfect piece for a special event, elevate your accessories, or select the perfect fashion-forward gift for a loved one, The Stylist is here to elevate your style journey.

For more information on the program or to schedule an appointment at our Styling Suite, visit or call 305-935-1110.

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