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Iconic Parisian Bakery, Ladurée Coming This Spring

Make a date for afternoon tea and sweets because the Parisian staple Ladurée will open its famous French tea house this Spring at Aventura Mall. The ultra-chic treats boutique is known world-wide for its decadent macarons, featuring more than 100 secret recipes with various flavor combinations. And, rumor has it, more than 15,000 of the coveted macaroons are sold a day.

One bite into the little round cakes and your taste buds are transported to a French bakery in the heart of Paris. The goodies consist of two macaron shells joined together with a delicious ganache filling to create the perfect indulgence.

All sorts of delicious flavors will make it hard to decide which one to try. Your best bet might be to sink your teeth into a variety of options including favorites pistachio, rose, raspberry, caramel banana, lemon, orange blossom and the list goes on.

According to Ladurée, new desserts are imagined twice a year, and seasonal flavors will pop in on occasion to add a refreshing dose of delight.  The result is mouth-watering joy that will keep you coming back for more.

If all this sweet talk isn’t enough to make you hungry, perhaps you’ll fancy one of Ladurée’s elegant tea creations. The tea salon will be stocked with a variety of unique offerings to make afternoon tea a special occasion.

Guests can round out their visit by perusing through the boutique’s accessories. The handmade candles are one of their must-have little luxuries. Made in the south of France, the candles are a mix of mineral and vegetal wax, each with a unique and subtle fragrance.

Ladurée is located on the lower level near Nordstrom. For more information visit; Ladurée Paris 

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