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Healthy and Doable Resolutions for 2020

Maybe because 2020 is upon us, here at Aventura Mall we are all about keeping goals in clear sight. Though many will create ambitious list of goals that will likely loose their zeal by February we advocate for smaller and sustainable changes that might make your like fuller, healthier and altogether more pleasant. Try one or all…

Clean up your social media.


Ever look at your Instagram feed and end up feeling worse about yourself—and not just because you wasted too much time scrolling? It only takes two seconds to change that. How? Fill your feed with supportive and motivational posts. Move your social media apps off of your phone’s home screen or delete social media altogether. There’s no reason you should keep an app that makes you feel worse about yourself on your phone.

Swap out one sugary food from your diet.


Everybody seems to want to cut back on sugar—and if you’re one of ’em, it’s a good New Year’s resolution idea that will help improve your own health and can also help with weight loss. But instead of trying to ignore your sweet tooth altogether, swap one sugar-sweetened treat a day for something with fewer empty calories. Like a chocolate chip cookie for an apple dusted in some cocoa powder.

Plan your workouts week by week.


This one’s easy: Choose a number of workouts per week you’d like tackle. Then, at the start of each week, plan your fitness schedule. In the end, you just might see the scale budge thanks to your newfound regular, consistent workout routine. While that can be as simple as: “I’m going to crush an indoor-cycling class on Tuesday, do an arm workout at the gym on Wednesday, and then go for a run on Saturday.”

Do something that scares you every week.


Or hey, every day! No need to schedule a time to go skydiving, but rather, don’t let fear hold you back from otherwise ordinary activities (say, rock climbing, going to a diner solo, signing up for a dance class). Working through your fears will help you live a life of fewer regrets and more of challenging yourself to grow in new ways.

Take small steps toward being an engaged citizen.


You can’t solve all the world’s problems all by yourself. But those small steps that you can take as an individual to increase your civic engagement or service do add up over time. And even a little step is much, much better than being checked out. Try volunteering for a day, donating to a charity on the regular, and, most importantly, vote!

Wear clothes that fit your body right now.


Instead of waiting for “someday,” find and wear the clothes that you feel good in right now. That means buying jeans in the size you actually wear now, not the size you hope to fit into in three months. Another thing: try investing into pieces that will last like a great black dress or a suit that will stay relevant for a while. This way you will build a wardrobe of classics that will require an occasional sprucing with a Zara or Topshop item to feel on trend.

Bring more kindness to the world.


You’re allowed to have a bad day, but you’re not allowed to take out your bad day on others. Instead, pledge this year to take that extra second to respond with kindness and compassion even in your most frustrating interactions. This could be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself and the world around you.

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