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Halloween Makeup Trends


There’s no time like Halloween to be bold and adventurous with your makeup and have fun playing a bit of “make believe.” Every year, beauty influencers and makeup artists deliver major #spookyseason inspiration across social media, transforming into iconic characters and creating jaw-dropping designs that are saved and pinned for years to come. In fact, Halloween makeup masterpieces have become the focal point for many costumes, encouraging all of us to tap into our creativity and imagination, using our face as the perfect blank canvas and, eventually, transformative piece.

Whether you prefer to be trendy and edgy or stay true to the classics, there are plenty of Halloween makeup looks to spook, surprise and delight!

Here are some of our favorite Halloween beauty and makeup trends for 2021:

Space and (Zodiac) Signs


Call it a collective fascination with galaxies and astrology, but our horoscopes all agree: Zodiac art is sure to be one of the hottest Halloween makeup trends. With hand-drawn constellations, symbols and stars – and sparkly moon and sun accessories – you can kiss any mercury-is-in-retrograde worries about your outfit goodbye. Let your face do the talking (and predicting…)

Comics with Character


Nostalgic comic strip and cartoon art continues to “pop” up on faces everywhere, making us wonder – are makeup artists the new illustrators? This is a fun and eye-catching way to transform into classic and creepy-cool characters like Beetlejuice, who somehow seems to grow more popular with age.

Artsy Objects

MAC Cosmetics

Give the phrase “objects may be closer than they appear” a whole new meaning with some quirky, out-of-the-box art inspired by things you enjoy. Whether it’s a timeless game or a beautiful part of nature, creating an entire look based on something that piques your interest is an

unexpected and impressive way to show off your artistic skills. Pair your makeup masterpiece with a matching accessory and you’re good to go.

Wing Woman

Smashbox Cosmetics

Whether your Halloween costume plans are aimed at transforming into a feline, a fairy, or an iconic performer or a retro muse, variations of the “wing” and cat eye have been everywhere this year, giving you plenty of inspiration with which to work. The key is to be as precise as possible – your entire look will depend on where you draw your lines and whether or not you add color or sparkle. When it comes to lines around the eyes, high-quality eye shadows and waterproof eyeliners are a must.

Disco Diva

MAC Cosmetics

If you’re the proud owner of a disco ball and dream of dancing your weekends away at Studio 54, there’s a dancing queen living inside you – and it’s time to let her shine! This is no time to be shy: your eyes should be sparkling, your lips should be bold, and your moves should be funky. Halloween may fall on a Sunday this year, but with this glam look, the Saturday Night Fever lives on.

Call Her Cruella

MAC Cosmetics

Cruella de Vil will undoubtedly be a popular costume this Halloween, given the success of this year’s Cruella film starring Emma Stone. No matter which of Cruella’s looks you choose to replicate, the good news is her makeup is as simple as three colors: white, black and red. Keep it smokey, sassy, and unapologetic.

Golden Goddess Glow

Fenty Beauty Instagram

Nothing says #Goddess quite like glowing skin that’s dripping in flecks of golds. Start with a golden glow on the skin and décolletage, then add extra touches of gold to lips and eyelids for a look Cleopatra herself would approve of. To transform this into a more villainous look (you can’t go wrong with Poison Ivy or Medusa), simply mix a shimmery green shadow with the gold on lids and lips.

Villainous Vixen

Fenty Beauty

We love a classic witchy or vampy look on Halloween. After all, witches and vampires are eternally (pun intended) sultry and sassy costumes that come to our rescue when we wait until the last minute to dress up. Eyeshadows and lipsticks in deep reds, purples and blacks are all you need to become the villains we love to fear. Pro tip: For a truly eerie vampire look, create “vampire veins” under your eyes with a charcoal eyeliner.

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