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Gucci’s New Sustainable Collection: Off The Grid

The fashion industry is ever-changing, flowing between trends and themes that shape the way we dress. One of the biggest shifts is the fashion world’s attention to the environment. Now more than ever, brands are making an effort to be eco-friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. Unlike trends that come and go, the cultural focus on sustainability is here to stay.

Earth Day is on April 22, and the annual event is an opportunity to reflect on we can continue to support environmental protection. Designed for those mindful of their environmental impact, Gucci Off The Grid uses recycled, organic, bio-based and sustainably sourced materials.

Born from a studio in Florence, Gucci is a household name for fashionistas around the world. The fashion house turns 100 this year, and while its impact on the fashion environment is undeniable, the brand is making a concerted effort to benefit nature through eco-friendly clothing construction.

In support of Gucci’s pledge for sustainability, the brand launched its Off the Grid collection. The line is made from an assortment of recycled materials and trims that are bio-based and sustainably sourced. Off the Grid is the first collection from Gucci’s Circular Lines, the fashion house’s sustainable line promoting circular production.

More than just a buzzword, circular production seeks to reduce waste by repurposing materials and products. The method understands that a garment’s first days on the shelf are just as important as the last day of its use. The non-linear approach focuses on utilizing a product until the very end and then going a step further by repurposing the materials to give them new life.

Gucci is making a name for itself as a leader in ethical manufacturing. The fashion house even launched Gucci Equilibrium, an initiative to protect nature and prioritize inclusion.

The 44-piece collection features fashionable slides, wallets, backpacks, duffle bags and sneakers made from ECONYL®. The GG-emblazoned nylon features regenerated materials like fish nets and carpets, recreated to decrease the carbon footprint. From classic black to vibrant orange and blue, Off the Grid is the perfect collection for summer travels.

Eco Denim

Denim is one of fashion’s most versatile fabrics. There’s nothing more classic than a pair of blue jeans, but this rudimentary staple can be a perfect medium for creative designs. Gucci is continuing its green initiatives through eco-washed denim – a material upcycled from organic cotton leftovers under the “Gucci Up” program. Each piece is made from eco-washed dark blue and ivory, crafted with Gucci’s classic GG jacquard print.

Gucci puts a fresh spin on the GG jacquard denim, reinterpreting the fabric with new designs and unique washing techniques that merge the contemporary style and vintage quality of the ’70s. The chic collection features men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, hats and Gucci’s signature handbags.

Gucci is located on the Lower Level near Nordstrom.

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