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Gucci’s New App

Stepping forward

Luxury brand Gucci is strutting the way forward in digital communications, retail and technology. Recently, the brand’s app has introduced a pioneering augmented reality technology that allows customers to virtually “try on” its Ace sneakers.

The technology will allow Gucci to provide an engaging experience and an opportunity for customers to interact with upcoming shoe collections. Wannaby, Gucci’s technology partner for this launch, has recently released an accurate shoe AR Try-on technology that was acknowledged by industry leaders and AR professionals all over the world.

The Gucci App will enable users to explore what different models of Ace sneakers might look like to wear, through augmented reality. Fans can pick the Ace sneakers of their choice on screen, point their mobile device’s camera at their feet and virtually “try-on” the selected pair. The technology – available only on iOS – allows Gucci to present the newest models of the Ace to its. Linked to the Gucci website, customers can immediately purchase the Ace sneakers of their choice. Customers can also take photos of themselves “wearing” their favorite Ace models and share these on social media platforms. What a step towards the future!

Gucci is located on the lower level, Nordstrom wing.

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