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Femme Fab: Givenchy Spring 2019

October 2, 2018

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It’s very telling that Clare Waight Keller was inspired by Annemarie Schwarzenbach, a Swiss, short haired writer who back in 1930 didn’t partake in convectional gender norms. An accomplished traveler, Schwarzenbach subscribed to both male and female fashion propensities, projecting confidence in both feminine and masculine styles.

This flare was on full display at Givenchy’s Spring 2019 presentation that embraced unapologetically a version of femininity that’s strong, tailored and devoid of cheap thrills. “I felt there was something fascinating about the fact that [gender] is a topical thing right now, but there was something about [Schwarzenberg’s story] for me that talked about a different kind of femininity because there was a modesty to it,” Waight Keller said before the show.

By all intents the collection was a celebration of a woman, whose confidence can’t be questioned. The show was coed, and even the decision to have men’s looks mimic the woman’s lineup, Waight Keller’s declaration of this mended femininity’s sway over style was profound, to say the least.

The dresses in the collection reflected womanly sophistication, fluid but with a rigid draw. Many offered full coverage with attention to the shoulders, where Waight Keller accented engineered floral and hologram prints with petite capelets, at times flat otherwise fringed, that framed just the shoulders and collar bone. Female from was accentuated by way of the waist with ultra high-waisted trousers and cargo pants that curved at the hips. Accessories were paired down sans few of the ornate earrings that posed an interesting contrast to some of the structured ladylike bags. Footwear, too, played on the tension theme and bi-color pumps featured graphic deep V silhouettes.

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