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#DoItForTheGram: 5 Tips to Up Your Insta-Game

January 19, 2018

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In a society that’s quickly being run by influencers and online stars, Instagram is a platform that’s leading the way on social media. As the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them!” We’re sharing our five best practices for making a splash on Instagram.


Adopt an Aesthetic

Photo via @newdarlings

When you read your favorite magazines, you have a fair idea of what you’re going to see once you flip through the pages. While Vogue features high-end luxury, open cool gal favorites like Kinfolk to find a sea of neutrals and clean aesthetics. Just like your favorite publications, your Instagram should have an overarching look that fits the feeling you’re aiming to evoke with your photos.


Curating an aesthetic, like clean whites or bold pastels, allows you to captivate an audience with no content while giving your followers the style they’ve grown familiar with. The goal of a consistent theme or vibe is to make your photos stand out on the feed and bring familiarity to your style. If your latest Instagram screams your name, you’re doing it right.


Expand Your Editing Horizons

Photo via @elsielarson

“Instagram is my favorite editing app,” – said no one ever. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE nothing more than scrolling through the ‘Gram in our downtime. It’s not that we dislike Instagram’s editing options but thanks to the App Store, the sky is the limit.


Experiment with filters, subtle effects and photo temperatures with a toolkit of powerful apps to make your pictures pop. Our absolute favorite apps include A Color Story, Afterlight and VSCO.  Ready. Set. Download!


Use Trending Hashtags

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If you’re striving to rise through the ranks of Instagram celebrities, you need to join the conversation. Utilizing popular hashtags can make a world of a difference when it comes to being found by the right people who are interested in your images. Depending on your style, there are thousands upon thousands of hashtags to take advantage of on Instagram. A few of our personal favorites include #flashesofdelight, #photosinbetween, #ootd (for your latest styled outfit post), and #abmlifeiscolorful.


Instagram recently added a new feature allowing you to follow your favorite hashtags, just as you would with a person, so you never miss a beat.


Experiment with Flat Lay Photography

Photo via @ps.ny

Ever wonder how influencers and brands take those perfect product photos? The answer isn’t so mindboggling. Flat lay photos dominate Instagram with good reason. The symmetrical images are often bright, bold and pleasing to the eye. From styling your brunch to laying out what’s in your suitcase, there are so many styling opportunities everywhere you turn.


The key tip about flat lays is to first choose a style. Whether you want a scattered collage of your personal items or a painstakingly precise image with each item in line, both photo concepts are easy to accomplish. The second step to a successful flat lay requires a little courage and a lot of height. Shoot the photo from directly from above the items, either on a ladder or standing tall, with at least 2-3 feet in between the camera and the flat lay. Use the Instagram grid tool to symmetrically line up your photo and fit everything in your shot without a sweat.


Be a Star on Stories

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Here’s the big secret: being a star on Instagram takes tedious amounts of effort and time. You can have the most gorgeous Instagram feed on the social network, but it’s worth nothing if you’re not engaging with your followers. Since the conception of Instagram stories – quick photos and videos that last on your feed for 24 hours – it’s never been easier to engage and bring a human side to the app. To entice people to respond to your Instagram stories, try asking questions and incorporating polls. The stories great ways to bring authenticity to your page, and they’re a bit addicting. Not to mention, slapping on a filter and transforming yourself into a Greek goddess is a simple fix to any bad hair day.

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