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Chilling and Grilling

June 26, 2018

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California chef Michael Mina and Food Network host Ayesha Curry will bring their grill-obsessed restaurant International Smoke to Aventura Mall this summer. The eatery will open in the mall’s new piazza next to the 93-foot-tall Aventura Slide Tower by artist Carsten Höller.

This collaboration between the James Beard Award-winning Mina, who operates a number of restaurants nationwide, and Curry, an actress and host of Ayesha’s Homemade will bring “global approaches on fire, grilling, and smoke” to South Florida.

International Smoke in San Francisco

Per the name, Curry’s concept is American regional and international forms of barbecue and cooking that employs smoke executed by the skilled hands of renowned chef Mina. Diners can expect St. Louis-style ribs, char siu pork, Kahlúa “instant bacon,” served with steamed buns and pineapple salsa, and St. Louis cut smoked pork ribs with a choice of sauces to name just a few.


“Grilling is the perfect way to experiment and taste different flavors, cuts of meat and styles of cooking,” Curry is quoted as saying at the restaurant’s website. “They all have one thing in common: That delicious taste is reminiscent of an outdoor family gathering!”

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