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Ceviche Crush

June 26, 2018

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Few countries meld vest culinary cultures as well as Peru. The signature profile including influences from the indigenous population of the Inca with cuisines brought in with immigrants from Europe (Spain, Italy, and Germany), Asia (China and Japan) and West Africa.


It’s for this unique hybrid Peru has recently become the gastronomical capital of Latin America and has done so on the back of their favorite dish – ceviche. The dish is simple, yet complex, and nothing short of delicious. A common, everyday meal, ceviche has exploded in worldwide recognition and has marked Peru and Lima as essential for food lovers.


The true origins of ceviche are somewhat murky, but the current iteration of the food – marinated in limes – originated sometime after the arrival of the Spanish with said limes. Limes aren’t native to Peru so before the introduction of the citrus, Peruvian ancestors were most likely using some other marinate. There is some debate about where the dish actually began – either Peru or Ecuador – but what is for sure is that Peru is obsessed with the raw seafood dish, so much so that it inspired a national holiday.


The most important ingredients of Peruvian Ceviche are the Peruvian lime – which Peruvians will tell you is the key to ceviche and the Pisco Sour because of their country’s lime’s unique ph level – the aji amarillo pepper, and rocoto pepper, which looks like a red bell pepper, but is very spicy.

A Peruvian plate of ceviche will also include canchitas (corn nuts), yuca, sweet potato, onions, maybe some banana chips, and is often garnished with lettuce.


CVI.CHE 105 at Aventura Mall

At Aventura Mall, Cvi.che 105 celebrates this culinary tradition with multiple variations of the dish rising up to represent Peruvian gastronomy in all of its delicious glory.


Trilogía De Ceviches

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